Full beetroot, in-fact.

See, my site (www.treebark.design) had been broken for … ooh, I don’t know how long.

One of the pieces of software I had been using to build the site had started to play up – this meant that the site, although functional, was not really working to it’s full potential. I have, however, started to remedy the situation and it should all be working now – if you have a trawl through the site and notice any discrepancies then please let me know.

However, it gave me a good opportunity to refresh the site – I have updated the menu so that it is no longer a full page affair (nice and slimline now) and I have altered the colour palatte of the site so that it is a bit easier on the eye and neutral.

If, whenever you are looking at the site, you notice an error – please get in contact with me; it is nice to be nice.


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