A couple of weeks ago, I invested in a WD My Cloud Home. It is billed as a personal cloud server so I can have my own version of Dropbox or some such – but without the recurring, monthly costs. I bought it second hand and it is proving a great way to centralise all of my work documents and photos – it even backs up my Dropbox account! But it is about my new media server that I hope to write about today on Ijo Pona.

Within the gubbins of the WD My Cloud Home is the option to install a Plex Server. So, I have all of my documents on the My Cloud and a new folder sitting on the drive called ‘Plex’.

new media server

New Media Server

Within the Plex Folder I pt the music, films and items that I want to share with my mobile devices. Why mobile devices? Well, there is a Plex app that acts like the Apple Audio app but it sounds amazing! The quality has really been increased from Apple’s native app – up to 320 MP3 on my home Network. When I am out around town getting the shopping in with Kathryn, and I need to have a bit of head space, I pop in some earphones and I have access to my entire library. I am unsure what the quality is on 3G.


The entire library, you say? Well, a bit more than that – I have split my music down into two libraries – Dub and the stuff I play on The Parish News.

But, this is saving money on an Apple Music subscription …

But, how did I get the My Cloud & iTunes to work together? The iTunes Database is stored on iCloud (so that it can be accessed on two different macs) and all of the actual data (the files – the actual movies and music) are stored on the My Cloud; making them accessible via Plex and iTunes.

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