I seem to have broken my run of frequent blogging.

There was a time when I would knock out two or three blog post a week – all crap, but still; good times.

However, I took on a bit too much work and the result was that I burned out temporarily, in a minor way. The thought of sitting down at a computer for fun was a daunting prospect although I seemed to have picked up the baton again. So what have I been up to?

I recorded this radio show at three o’clock this morning –



I am also getting increasingly excited about the coming weekend – Friday sees me and Kathryn in Leeds to catch a gig, Saturday sees me DJing at FIRE (I will enclose a flyer in this post at the footer) and I plan to go back to the farm on Sunday to catch up with my cousin and her children – they are coming for the Easter break with my sister who I have hardly heard from since we saw Star Wars Rogue One over Xmas.

Kathryn is having a short break from her duties as a dog-walker as the majority of her clients are teachers – so, as it is the Easter holidays there is a dip in hours.

Also, in music news, GDS seem to have crashed out of the charts on Beatport for the releases but seem to be getting there in the singles chart. It has all proved a lot of fun and I will tell you more about our next plan for world domination at a later junction – although it is safe to say EP2 is in the bag.

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