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The Luxury Of Discernment Mar 4, 2021 Review (Of Sorts) & Thoughts The typical ten-year-old violinist can’t tell the difference between a cheap instrument and a Guarneri. Just as a harried road man simply wolfs down A New Media Feb 28, 2021 Harrogate & Procrastination & Radio & Thoughts I set myself a challenge last week to try and listen to more radio, specifically Harrogate Community Radio. However, this Blog post references my Woking On Work #1 Feb 21, 2021 Procrastination & Thoughts & Work I have been working a bit too hard recently. I am having to limit my screen time and engage in my daily’s forcibly, even though I don’t want to. It Should I Be Cautious? Feb 18, 2021 Procrastination & Thoughts Lawyers are fond of being cautious. And sometimes, parents are too, apparently. At least you won’t get blamed if something goes wrong. It turns out Margin Jotter Feb 1, 2021 Dragon Parade & Aside & Procrastination & Thoughts Do I have to use all the time in the brainstorming session? Fill in the entire page of my creativity notebook? It turns out that many of the best “What’s With The Whining?” Jan 28, 2021 Creativity & Thoughts Toddlers whine. Most adults figure out how to lose the habit, because it’s toxic. And yet it persists. I think I will tag this post in Creativity — “The Cloud Of Unknowing” Jan 25, 2021 Creativity & Dragon Parade & Music & Thoughts With a firm nod of the head to Neoplatonic Classical Theology, I released an album today called “The Cloud Of Unknowing” - it’s ace! I am unsure who Defining Our Narrative - The Essence Of A Blog Jan 18, 2021 Procrastination & Thoughts A million things happened to you today. The second bite of your lunch. The delay on your commute… Tomorrow, you’ll remember almost none of them. And I’m Wrong Jan 17, 2021 Activism & Aside & Thoughts “I was wrong,” isn’t something you hear very often. Particularly from people in power, or folks who have gone out on a limb espousing a belief. It’s *Mic Drop Jan 6, 2021 Procrastination & Thoughts It is always a Good Thing to say the correct, pithy phrase at just the right time. Mic Drop. Is it? Bombshell! The difficult part is picking the mic