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PoopShoot.com - Shin Godzilla Sep 4, 2021 poopshoot.com & Review (Of Sorts) In the Kevin Smith film, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob talk about “… the internet movie site, Poop Shoot dot com”. It is where everyone can post an Sound Of Wonder Is Ace Apr 27, 2021 Radio & Review (Of Sorts) & Sound Of Wonder My mate Scooby hosts the Sound Of Wonder. The Sound Of Wonder is a podcast that gets broadcast on community radio in Harrogate and the USA. If you A 10% Double IPA Mar 13, 2021 Beer & Review (Of Sorts) Spent most of the day asleep after polishing off the remaining Birthday beers. Kathryn bought me a crate from Brass Castle - I am very pleased with The Luxury Of Discernment Mar 4, 2021 Review (Of Sorts) & Thoughts The typical ten-year-old violinist can’t tell the difference between a cheap instrument and a Guarneri. Just as a harried road man simply wolfs down Help! Desk! Feb 16, 2021 Dragon Parade & Radio & Review (Of Sorts) I have been busy building a help desk for the station I volunteer at. The Help Desk runs in Tawk.to and comes as part of the Chat Widget I installed My New Media Set Up Jan 24, 2021 Dragon Parade & Music & Review (Of Sorts) I needed a music set up that would work with SONOS and my iPhone - something that would help me store my massive collection(s) of music. I thought The Little-Known Mastering Studio Jan 20, 2021 Music & Review (Of Sorts) Sigil Of Brass is the best mastering studio I have worked at. It is in a ranted space at Creao Studio, North Yorkshire - I work there with Allan A Review: #OutThereTogether Jan 16, 2021 Art & Field Recording & Radio & Review (Of Sorts) Hi, I am Andy & I’d like to talk about Open Country and their show #OutThereTogether. Why? Because it is genius, that is why — but, first I have to Review: Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson’s “Edda” Jan 7, 2021 Coronavirus & Music & Review (Of Sorts) As you will read in the Category Notes for the Post Category that this post is filed in, (Review (Of Sorts), that I am not qualified to give a Cheeky Work Blog Post Jan 5, 2021 Normal Life & Review (Of Sorts) I wrote this for my work Blog - you can read that at www.andrewbackhouse.design - As a content marketing strategist, I am often asked about Blog Christmastide 2020 Dec 25, 2020 Kathryn & Review (Of Sorts) Christmas started a couple of days ago for me - I recorded Roots Conversation and drank a bit, the gift giving started then. Scooby & K-Lo gave me a Bai reMarkable 2 - Oh, Hai iPad! Dec 12, 2020 reMarkable 2 & Review (Of Sorts) Well, I quickly realised the reMarkable 2 was not for me. My writing needed a lot of correcting — it was the zen in my storm but I quite enjoy the reMarkable 2 Notes Nov 26, 2020 reMarkable 2 & Review (Of Sorts) It’s arrived! I am currently writing this Blog post on my reMarkable Tablet. It is unnecessary but ace. I liken it to buying my Dad a Christmas Military Grade Tech, Over Here! Oct 17, 2020 Procrastination & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) A mesh network (or simply Meshnet) is a local network topology in which the infrastructure nodes (i.e. bridges, switches, and other infrastructure 1st Harrogate Film Festival: A Local’s Response Mar 5, 2017 Creativity & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) I have had quite a fun filled weekend, what with my Dad’s birthday meal (Happy Birthday Dad) and the recording of my radio show - however, what I RetroVision Jan 31, 2017 Creativity & Procrastination & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) Me and the good lady wife, Kathryn, went to see the film T2 Trainspotting at the Everyman in Harrogate. Quite an occasion actually. It is the first Xmas 2k16 Mk. II Dec 27, 2016 Creativity & Procrastination & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) I almost feel nostalgic for writing this; why? Well, I will tell you at the bottom of the page. Today saw an above average early start for me - I H. P. Lovecraft’s “At The Mountains Of Madness” by Icarus Theatre Sep 25, 2016 Creativity & Harrogate & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) & Theatre The below is what Harrogate Theatre had to say about H. P. Lovecraft’s “At The Mountains Of Madness” by Icarus Theatre . Me and the good lady wife We’re Just Back From Happygate Jul 24, 2016 Creativity & News & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) …. and had a great time. We (Kathryn & myself) called down to Valley Gardens this morning to see our good friends Stewart and Karen perform A Review Of The Unthanks In Harrogate Jul 22, 2016 Creativity & News & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) So, where does someone (me) start when reviewing a band that they do not know much about? Well, this is a review of The Unthanks in Harrogate. There Celebrating ‘Capability’ Brown & The Yorkshire Landscape Jul 19, 2016 Creativity & Environment & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) My wife and I took advantage of the hottest day of the years so far and journeyed in to town. First stop was Major Tom’s Social, where we supped, A Review Of “An Eschatological Bestiary” By Oz Hardwick May 29, 2016 Creativity & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) As ever on Ijo Pona, I only review things that I like; things that have inspired me, things that have moved me and things that just plain tickle me. A Review Of “Ebola: Behind The Mask” May 19, 2016 Creativity & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) Well, how should I write this review? Should I write this review of the book “Ebola: Behind The Mask” as a work of literature? As the work of a We Visited North Bar Harrogate Mar 20, 2016 Creativity & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) North Bar Harrogate opened it’s doors on February 19th 2016 - just where GAME used to be near the Theatre: 2D Oxford Buildings, Cheltenham Parade, Salon #1 Mar 5, 2016 Creativity & Music & News & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) Went to gig tonight - no biggy in that itself - but, if I said it was the start of monthly installments of manifesto spouting artistic brilliance La Jetée Feb 29, 2016 poopshoot.com & Review (Of Sorts) The movie that inspired Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys, Chris Marker’s La jetée is a landmark of science-fiction filmmaking, a 28-minute masterpiece “That’s One For The Album, Dear” Oct 28, 2015 Procrastination & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) At some point in your travels, you’ll come across a sight that’s so beautiful, it takes your breath away. In those moments there’s only one thing to A Review Of “How To Change The World” Sep 9, 2015 Creativity & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) Right, I am fresh back from the Cinema (Odeon Harrogate) after seeing a premier screening of the film How To Change The World, a biographical Rewilding Britain Jul 20, 2015 Activism & News & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) is a charity set up by people with a passion for nature. [They] believe rewilding provides hope for the future for people and Review: Sony QX10 For Street Photography Jun 3, 2015 Creativity & Photography & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) The DSC-QX10 works seamlessly with your smartphone, allowing you to shoot beautiful images, edit them on your phone and then share them online. >