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Quick DJ Mix & A New Blog Feature Jul 16, 2022 Dub & Guerrilla Dub System & Procrastination So, I will get the actionable (for you) part of the post out of the way before I speak about the other actionable (for me) part of the post. I spent A Live Broadcast Feb 8, 2022 Home & Mowbray Square & Procrastination & Radio I dipped my toe in to live broadcasting on Harrogate Community Radio. We were a show short, so we created the slot “Crap, We’re A Show Short!” I The Jazz Show & A Catch Up Sep 9, 2021 Procrastination It has been a while since I have had a social occurrence - I admit I am becoming a bit of a hermit. Too much to do and a massive covid barrier in First Weekend Of August ’21 Aug 2, 2021 Home & Procrastination I am trying to blog a bit more - get back in to the swing of things. I figure a good way to do this is to write short, readable reports about my Levelling up at work Apr 23, 2021 Procrastination I have been putting in the hours on my work website. There is a google update occurring soon and I need to get it ready. The update has been pushed Panic & Withdraw Apr 22, 2021 Procrastination I am going through the mill with my health right now - I won’t go in to in too much detail but they are messing around with my medicine. The oral Thoughts About Blogging Apr 15, 2021 #365BlogChallenge & Procrastination I have reached the 25% Complete mark of the year’s worth of Blogging. You can follow progress at #365BlogChallenge Here are some thoughts on the A New Media Feb 28, 2021 Harrogate & Procrastination & Radio & Thoughts I set myself a challenge last week to try and listen to more radio, specifically Harrogate Community Radio. However, this Blog post references my Found A Vid (A V. Good Vid) Feb 24, 2021 Procrastination Aardman hit the nail on the head, again Working On Work #2 Feb 22, 2021 Daily Practice & Procrastination & Work In my last post I went on (a bit) about a need for a set of Daily Practice to centre myself and to ground myself. Here is another I hope to Woking On Work #1 Feb 21, 2021 Procrastination & Thoughts & Work I have been working a bit too hard recently. I am having to limit my screen time and engage in my daily’s forcibly, even though I don’t want to. It I Dunno. Tides, Boat and Stuff… Feb 20, 2021 Harrogate & Procrastination First: If you come up with an innovation that creates value, that value is multiplied a million-fold because now you can share it outside your Should I Be Cautious? Feb 18, 2021 Procrastination & Thoughts Lawyers are fond of being cautious. And sometimes, parents are too, apparently. At least you won’t get blamed if something goes wrong. It turns out My Brutalist Blog Feb 17, 2021 Procrastination I have redesigned Ijo Pona, my blog - it is now a Brutalist inspired Blog. As you can probably tell… I have used the fonts Stalinist One and Roboto Mixed Media Monday Feb 15, 2021 Art & Kathryn & Procrastination & Reviews (Of Sorts) First of all, The Jazz Show went down a storm in my immediate circle; good feedback there. It was broadcast yesterday afternoon at 4pm - a return to Might Find A Use For This? Feb 12, 2021 Procrastination Copper geometric design Listerene Night Johns Feb 9, 2021 Aside & Procrastination swab the turps of a bumfudge A Lazy, Busy Day Feb 7, 2021 Normal Life & Procrastination Well, it currently just after four thirty and I am taking things slow - I have been up since six something or other and I have been pottering around You’re Welcome Feb 5, 2021 Normal Life & Procrastination “You’re welcome,” is not the same as, “it’s my pleasure.” and “No problem,” is not the same as, “I’m happy to help.” These sentences are the closing S’pose It’s That Time Of Year Feb 3, 2021 Procrastination In one week I will turn 40. I am getting a bit reflective in the run up to my Birthday. I often get reflective, but I used to wake up trouser-less Margin Jotter Feb 1, 2021 Dragon Parade & Aside & Procrastination & Thoughts Do I have to use all the time in the brainstorming session? Fill in the entire page of my creativity notebook? It turns out that many of the best That Was That, Then: January 2021 Jan 31, 2021 Harrogate & News & Procrastination There are around ten hours left of January 2021 so I thought that for this post I would write a quick recap of the month. It was the month that I “To The Boozer!” Jan 30, 2021 Beer & Harrogate & Health & Procrastination Lock Down 3.0 is really starting to bite. I miss my friends and I miss my family - but the back drop to meeting these groups of people (extended Cheers Scooby Jan 29, 2021 Guerrilla Dub System & Procrastination & Radio Yeah, cheers Scooby - when I next record a show with Guerrilla Dub System and Scooby I will remember to have slept before hand and not fall asleep What Is Tolerance? Jan 21, 2021 Harrogate & Normal Life & Procrastination Tolerance means two things: In high-quality manufacturing, producing to tolerance means that all the parts are as identical as possible. Getting Forward Motion & Those It Leaves Behind Jan 19, 2021 Harrogate & Quote & Procrastination All forward motion disappoints someone. If you serve one audience, you’ve let another down. One focus means that something else got ignored. If you Defining Our Narrative - The Essence Of A Blog Jan 18, 2021 Procrastination & Thoughts A million things happened to you today. The second bite of your lunch. The delay on your commute… Tomorrow, you’ll remember almost none of them. And Roooooooooooots! Jan 14, 2021 Coronavirus & Procrastination & Radio Oh boy, I got grumpy - I hadn’t eaten all day and had to explain to someone which app their web browser was, when the person in question was talking Data Silo Fun! Jan 13, 2021 Harrogate & Music & Procrastination It has been a trying few days, with my health - so, I firmly buried my head on the sand and fiddled whilst Rome burned. What was the medium for this Working On Things For Record Labels Jan 11, 2021 Dragon Parade & Harrogate & Music & Procrastination Today has been spent in front of equipment. A variety of equipment with a variety of lights on it - I have been mastering the remix album for Well, That’s That pt I Jan 9, 2021 Coronavirus & Procrastination Well, that’s that. The end of another week. One I am quite glad to see the back of - there were high degrees of meh and not much else. It was a crap *Mic Drop Jan 6, 2021 Procrastination & Thoughts It is always a Good Thing to say the correct, pithy phrase at just the right time. Mic Drop. Is it? Bombshell! The difficult part is picking the mic A Brace Of Wholesome Portraits Jan 3, 2021 Procrastination [web_stories_embed url=“http://ijopona.org/?post_type=web-story&p=1762” title=“A Brace Of Wholesome Portraits” poster=“” width=“360” height=“600” #365BlogChallenge Commenceth Jan 1, 2021 #365BlogChallenge & Procrastination This the first post in the #365BlogChallenge of 2021. I have Created the tag — so, all you need to do is click above and you will be taken to the Gearing Up For #365BlogChallenge Dec 31, 2020 #365BlogChallenge & Procrastination Can I Do It? Dec 13, 2020 Procrastination I have been thinking — I may set myself a challenge. Challenges are a good thing, they can better the individual. Let him take flight and overcome Lock Down 2.0 ~ This Time Its Personal Nov 13, 2020 Coronavirus & Procrastination Lock down has been in place for a few weeks now, here in England. It should have come sooner - there by removing temptation to go out for a beer. A Great Weekend, Overshadowed Nov 1, 2020 Procrastination Well, I am writing this Blog post as a way of keeping things in check - it is currently nearly half four in the afternoon and it might be a bit Military Grade Tech, Over Here! Oct 17, 2020 Procrastination & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) A mesh network (or simply Meshnet) is a local network topology in which the infrastructure nodes (i.e. bridges, switches, and other infrastructure Thought I Would Check In Oct 4, 2020 Procrastination It is the start of October and I have not been blogging as much as I should. Why is it that I have not been blogging much through 2020? Well, I have Spending Time Indoors Apr 5, 2020 Coronavirus & Dragon Parade & Harrogate & Procrastination … what do I write? I have been stuck indoors for weeks due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. I thought I had a cold a few weeks ago and took precautions - Notes From The Middle Of A Pandemic Mar 14, 2020 Coronavirus & Harrogate & Procrastination Some people are taking the Coronavirus Pandemic seriously - that is a good thing. They are trying to stop the surge in cases. Some people are just Tings ’n Stuff Jan 10, 2020 Harrogate & Procrastination I have just returned from 10 Dev (Devonshire Tap House as it has been renamed). It was a lively sesh with Scooby and my wife. We talked a good bit Happy Birthday Kathryn! S’nice That! Jul 12, 2019 Birthday & Family & Gigs We've Been To & Kathryn & Procrastination Congratulations on another Earth Cycle, Kathryn - god knows you have had to work hard to get here. The people you grace with your presence are all A Magestic Timbre Jun 10, 2019 Harrogate & Procrastination Your browser does not support the audio element Why I Migrated To Blot Jun 6, 2019 Procrastination I have deleted Ijo Pona as it existed and started afresh. Ijo Pona is dead! Long live Ijo Pona! The older version of this site was a Wordpress build What Did I Make To The Urban Animals Gig In Leeds May 10, 2019 Gigs We've Been To & Leeds & Procrastination Yay, date night! But, it almost never happened. In this blog post, I hope to say a bit about the event at the Brudenell that me and Kathryn attended I Hope I Am Like This Guy When I Hit Eighty Mar 13, 2018 Gigs We've Been To & Leeds & Procrastination Lee Perry is well into his eighties and is not starting to show signs of slowing down. Me and Kathryn called into the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds Ooh, Hai 2018 Jan 1, 2018 Harrogate & Procrastination So, 2017 — was it a good year for me? I had a lot of bad things happen to me that were out of my control in 2017. A few examples of this were RetroVision Jan 31, 2017 Creativity & Procrastination & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) Me and the good lady wife, Kathryn, went to see the film T2 Trainspotting at the Everyman in Harrogate. Quite an occasion actually. It is the first NYE 2016/17 Jan 1, 2017 News & Procrastination & Social That was that - Kathryn is tucked up in front of the telly & I am about to head to bed. I thought about writing a homily to 2016 - a turbulent year Xmas 2k16 Mk. II Dec 27, 2016 Creativity & Procrastination & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) I almost feel nostalgic for writing this; why? Well, I will tell you at the bottom of the page. Today saw an above average early start for me - I Christmas 2016 Dec 25, 2016 Normal Life & Procrastination Well, that was that! A lot of blogs do the whole retrospective sweep around Xmas - I prefer to do that on New Year. So, I will, in this post, just Last W/E In November 2016 Nov 28, 2016 Creativity & Gigs We've Been To & Music & Procrastination Friday was a quiet night in with Mrs. B* - we just chilled in front of the telly and had a good catch up - it’s the backbone of our relationship - Vintage Fairs & Pints (Lots Of Pints) Nov 21, 2016 Beer & Food & Drink & Normal Life & Procrastination So, what happened at the weekend? Quite a bit as it happens - I did not sleep so that meant there was a lot of w/e overtime put in. I managed to Rejoice!!! Oct 29, 2016 Activism & Normal Life & Procrastination Nothing much happening this afternoon - so, I spent some time on Facebook. What led me to the ICAN site was the headline: “UN Votes To Outlaw Letter #7 Oct 12, 2016 Activism & Andrew Jones & Human Rights & Procrastination As a member of Amnesty International I receive emails asking me to sign petitions. This one chimed with me. Being on a low income, I would not be Letter #6 Oct 11, 2016 Activism & Andrew Jones & Normal Life & Procrastination Below, you can read the letter I have just fired off to Andrew Jones MP (Harrogate & Knaresborough Conservative Party MP). It seems bizarre that I Party n Ting Sep 1, 2016 Procrastination Went to a party n ting. The occasion was the return of the town’s heroes, Andy & Tracey. I was lucky enough to have been invited as part of a small Kai 2015 - Where Did You Go? Jan 2, 2016 News & Procrastination As this is the first blog post of 2016 I thought I would recap and recalculate the dots and dashes of 2015. A lot of my friends had a terrible year VIBE Nov 1, 2015 Procrastination I have the good fortune to be in the VIBE Collective. We hold a residency every second and last Saturday night of the calendar month at a local Allantide & My Mate Allan Oct 31, 2015 Folklore & Procrastination I have a mate called Allan - he is probably unaware of Allantide so I thought I would trawl the internet and find some facts out about this day, “That’s One For The Album, Dear” Oct 28, 2015 Procrastination & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) At some point in your travels, you’ll come across a sight that’s so beautiful, it takes your breath away. In those moments there’s only one thing to A Pick Me Up Talk Jun 15, 2015 A Pick Me Up & Procrastination Yup - things can be tough for you. However, look at this photo … There is something I wish to draw your attention to … This photo was taken as Harrogate Underground May 29, 2015 Folklore & Procrastination Did you know there was an old, disused Underground Railway in my hometown, Harrogate? The tunnel was abandoned 150 years ago and the far end near Virtue Theory Feb 21, 2015 Procrastination - or Aristotalianism - identifies right actions as those that a virtuous agent would do, when acting in character. We know what the Where Would I Like To Holiday In 2015? Jan 2, 2015 Folklore & Hermeticism & News & Procrastination Prague is a city steeped in history both known and otherwise, and the darker side of the Czech capitol’s past is brought to light in evocative Recent Readerlings Nov 24, 2014 Hermeticism & Procrastination The Tao of Pooh is a book written by Benjamin Hoff. The book is intended as an introduction to the Eastern belief system of Taoism for Westerners. P’u Nov 24, 2014 Hermeticism & Procrastination In The Tao of Pooh, Benjamin Hoff utilizes characters from Winnie the Pooh to attempt to explain the fundamentals of Taoism. By observing Eeyore, Thoughts On Wu Wei Nov 18, 2014 Hermeticism & Procrastination “text-align: justify;”>In Chinese culture, the benefit of not trying too hard—of “going with the flow” or “being in the zone”—has long been Waiting For The Tea To Brew Nov 7, 2014 Hermeticism & Procrastination Enforced idleness is a rare treat. Those brief moments in life when for one reason or another you are forced to just stop and think. In waiting Elm - And Other Procrastinations Jun 1, 2014 Creativity & Music & Procrastination Things here have recently taken a dip - my health - the support I have received from my wife has been awesome; thank you Kathryn. A great healer to Heterotopia Bibliography - Proposed MA in Lens Based Media May 17, 2014 News & Procrastination Aksit, E. E. (2011) ’Harem education and heterotopic imagination’Gender & Education. 23 (3) 299-311. Allweil, Y. and Kallus, R. (2008) >&#x Rustic Derives Nov 26, 2013 News & Procrastination Today, I went for a wander with my camera. The (fixed) destination is Newby Hall and the surrounding farmland. When bored in town, I try to frame my Stoic Week 2013 - Part 1 Nov 25, 2013 News & Procrastination I awoke today at around 5am - feeling refreshed after a few sleepless nights. I cannot remember my dreams, but as I will explain - it was beyond my Pottering around Town On A Sunny Day Apr 15, 2013 Procrastination As I typed the title for this post, Pottering Around Town On A Sunny Day, I held it in the same light as the previous post and realised that I am Ras Kitchen Mar 28, 2013 Procrastination I stumbled across a cookery programme the other day. You may be thinking ‘no biggy …’ - HOWEVER, this was a Rasta/Ital Cooking programme. Ras Dreams Jan 26, 2013 News & Procrastination Had an interesting dream last night, during my 13 hour sleep. I dreamt that I was on a space cruise in the distant future - much like the space Natural Radio Nov 16, 2012 Creativity & Field Recording & News & Procrastination The earth is alive with its own radio broadcasts. Lightning, the solar wind and solar storms create a variety of radio signals that surround us and