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A Lazy, Busy Day Feb 7, 2021 Normal Life & Procrastination Well, it currently just after four thirty and I am taking things slow - I have been up since six something or other and I have been pottering around You’re Welcome Feb 5, 2021 Normal Life & Procrastination “You’re welcome,” is not the same as, “it’s my pleasure.” and “No problem,” is not the same as, “I’m happy to help.” These sentences are the closing What Is Tolerance? Jan 21, 2021 Harrogate & Normal Life & Procrastination Tolerance means two things: In high-quality manufacturing, producing to tolerance means that all the parts are as identical as possible. Getting Cheeky Work Blog Post Jan 5, 2021 Normal Life & Review (Of Sorts) I wrote this for my work Blog - you can read that at www.andrewbackhouse.design - As a content marketing strategist, I am often asked about Blog RIP Paddy Feb 13, 2017 Family & News & Normal Life - he was a good pup. The realisation that I have seen Paddy for the last time has come true. I do not know if you remember, but in my post Christmas 2016 Dec 25, 2016 Normal Life & Procrastination Well, that was that! A lot of blogs do the whole retrospective sweep around Xmas - I prefer to do that on New Year. So, I will, in this post, just Vintage Fairs & Pints (Lots Of Pints) Nov 21, 2016 Beer & Food & Drink & Normal Life & Procrastination So, what happened at the weekend? Quite a bit as it happens - I did not sleep so that meant there was a lot of w/e overtime put in. I managed to Rejoice!!! Oct 29, 2016 Activism & Normal Life & Procrastination Nothing much happening this afternoon - so, I spent some time on Facebook. What led me to the ICAN site was the headline: “UN Votes To Outlaw Letter #6 Oct 11, 2016 Activism & Andrew Jones & Normal Life & Procrastination Below, you can read the letter I have just fired off to Andrew Jones MP (Harrogate & Knaresborough Conservative Party MP). It seems bizarre that I