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☂️ Everything Under One Umbrella Feb 8, 2021 Creativity & News Earlier // yesterday, I sorted out the Newsletters I have for a few projects; I had too many newsletters, all for minor things. So, I gathered them That Was That, Then: January 2021 Jan 31, 2021 Harrogate & News & Procrastination There are around ten hours left of January 2021 so I thought that for this post I would write a quick recap of the month. It was the month that I RIP Paddy Feb 13, 2017 Family & News & Normal Life - he was a good pup. The realisation that I have seen Paddy for the last time has come true. I do not know if you remember, but in my post NYE 2016/17 Jan 1, 2017 News & Procrastination & Social That was that - Kathryn is tucked up in front of the telly & I am about to head to bed. I thought about writing a homily to 2016 - a turbulent year Me & The BBC Aug 14, 2016 Creativity & Music & News I have been invited to record a session on the local BBC Station - York & North Yorkshire! Whilst I missed the live broadcast - having burned out Heroes The Both Of Them Aug 11, 2016 Activism & News They are coming home! My very dear friends, Andy & Tracey, have just completed the life-changing 4001 mile cycle journey from San Fransisco to New Dornoch Adventure Blog 2016 - Pt. III Aug 3, 2016 Family & Holiday & News Well, I have made it home - we (Kathryn & myself) returned to Yorkshire on Monday evening. Knackered. I managed to sleep most of the journey but We’re Just Back From Happygate Jul 24, 2016 Creativity & News & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) …. and had a great time. We (Kathryn & myself) called down to Valley Gardens this morning to see our good friends Stewart and Karen perform A Review Of The Unthanks In Harrogate Jul 22, 2016 Creativity & News & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) So, where does someone (me) start when reviewing a band that they do not know much about? Well, this is a review of The Unthanks in Harrogate. There An Obituary Jul 12, 2016 Family & News Whilst paying a visit to leafy Warwickshire, I happened upon this article in the Leamington Courier …. This is the most personal Blog post I have A British Person’s View Of Brexit Jun 24, 2016 Activism & Environment & Human Rights & News Where to start, really. I woke up on Tuesday in Great Britain and will fall asleep today (Friday) in Little England. Hats off to the Leave Campaign. The Day We Went Bat Hunting Jun 6, 2016 Creativity & Environment & Field Recording & News After a farily uneventful weekend of sleep and slobbing, I decided to try and make one last hurrah for the weekend. The plan conspired after a Prague: Been There Apr 28, 2016 Family & News & Prague Well, we arrived back in the drizzly UK around 4 hours ago - and I already miss Prague. Why - well, because it is an inspirational city. It draws on Salon #1 Mar 5, 2016 Creativity & Music & News & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) Went to gig tonight - no biggy in that itself - but, if I said it was the start of monthly installments of manifesto spouting artistic brilliance Birthday Schmerfday Feb 22, 2016 News & Social Had a birthday recently - it was ace! Stayed up until after mid-night the night before to cuddle Kathryn. Then it was a bit of a lie in until 10am Kai 2015 - Where Did You Go? Jan 2, 2016 News & Procrastination As this is the first blog post of 2016 I thought I would recap and recalculate the dots and dashes of 2015. A lot of my friends had a terrible year T-Shirt Designs Dec 19, 2015 Creativity & News Me and a close friend, Jason, run a clothing brand in Harrogate called Kalama Insa Designs. The aesthetics are street wear with a nod to minimalist Getty Images Nov 16, 2015 Creativity & News & Photography I am delighted to announce that I have been invited to contribute images and videos to the Getty Images database. Getty are one of (if not the) Rewilding Britain Jul 20, 2015 Activism & News & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) is a charity set up by people with a passion for nature. [They] believe rewilding provides hope for the future for people and Laurence Cadbury Jan 3, 2015 Activism & Human Rights & News Everybody I know has heard about Cadbury’s Chocolates - but this letter entry piqued my interest. I found this on www.whitefeatherdiaries.org.uk. Where Would I Like To Holiday In 2015? Jan 2, 2015 Folklore & Hermeticism & News & Procrastination Prague is a city steeped in history both known and otherwise, and the darker side of the Czech capitol’s past is brought to light in evocative Heterotopia Bibliography - Proposed MA in Lens Based Media May 17, 2014 News & Procrastination Aksit, E. E. (2011) ’Harem education and heterotopic imagination’Gender & Education. 23 (3) 299-311. Allweil, Y. and Kallus, R. (2008) >&#x Congratulations To My Brother & His Wife May 12, 2014 Family & News My brother, Michael, married his long-term partner, Hannah, at the weekend. The event was held at our parents farm - Newby Hall. The service kicked Kathryn The Girl Guide Volunteer Feb 24, 2014 Family & News My wife, Kathryn, recently took up the challenge of that of Girl Guide Volunteer. She seems to enjoy it. The troop is based at the Baptist church How was your Christmas? Dec 28, 2013 Family & News Kathryn and I spent out yule at my parents - we take it year about with each others parents. It was great to get away from the drunks and traffic Rustic Derives Nov 26, 2013 News & Procrastination Today, I went for a wander with my camera. The (fixed) destination is Newby Hall and the surrounding farmland. When bored in town, I try to frame my Stoic Week 2013 - Part 1 Nov 25, 2013 News & Procrastination I awoke today at around 5am - feeling refreshed after a few sleepless nights. I cannot remember my dreams, but as I will explain - it was beyond my Happy Birthday Grannie - Many happy returns! Aug 19, 2013 Family & News Well the weekend had me in all sorts of flaps. It started off badly. I found out that the Event Promotor for the night I was due to DJ at had done a A Review Of The Band Fold // Bedfest 2013 Jun 9, 2013 Creativity & Music & News [] Last night saw me at Bedfest in Knaresborough. It was (and hopefully will be again) a music event held at Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre in Down On The Farm Apr 14, 2013 Family & Home Farm & News After a considerable sleep (18 hrs!) I was dancing around the kitchen to Kate Bush. Now then, I do not make a habit of either - the sleep or the The New British Class System - How to know your place Apr 3, 2013 Activism & News I have just been on the BBC’s site and found a test - after being tipped off about it on Facebook. The traditional British Class system (as is every Birthday do …… Feb 11, 2013 News & Social Had a birthday recently. Yes, I am past 30. Just had a house party - what I thought would be a small affair turned into a rowdy small affair. It was Dreams Jan 26, 2013 News & Procrastination Had an interesting dream last night, during my 13 hour sleep. I dreamt that I was on a space cruise in the distant future - much like the space In the middle of something …. Jan 25, 2013 Creativity & Music & News “text-align: justify;”>… founding a record label to be exact. When it fleshes out I will be the first to tell you all about it. Any-hoo, what have The Ghost Of Newby Hall Jan 15, 2013 Family & News The Church of Christ the Consoler is a Victorian Gothic Revival church built in the Early English style by William Burges. It is located in the I Got To Interview My Hero Jan 11, 2013 Creativity & News I wrote the following interview for the up and coming music video outfit, Sektion Red - they allowed me to put it on my own blog too. J-Zen is one Buy Nothing Day Nov 24, 2012 Activism & News It was difficult - But I managed it! Saturday the 24th of November is Buy Nothing Day here in the UK. Okay - I have not single handedly changed the Natural Radio Nov 16, 2012 Creativity & Field Recording & News & Procrastination The earth is alive with its own radio broadcasts. Lightning, the solar wind and solar storms create a variety of radio signals that surround us and