Newby Hall

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That’s That, Then - Cheerio Home Farm Aug 17, 2019 Family & Newby Hall My dad is a farmer, a damn good one at that. He has reached the end of his full-time obligations and he is joining Mum in retirement. I wish them Easter Sunday Photo Dump Apr 21, 2019 Family & Newby Hall Easter Sunday kicked off at 4am. Nothing too new in my books — I can be an early riser, but that depends on what time I went to bed the night before Christmas 2018 Dec 25, 2018 Family & Newby Hall First of all, please let me start this blog post by wishing you — the reader of my blog — a very festive and fun-filled Christmas. We have spent Polly. Dec 20, 2018 Family & Newby Hall & Polly We are all heart-broken in the run up to Christmas. We were told on Saturday that our beloved pup, Polly, was not strong enough to make it through H’ppy Birthday Dad Mar 4, 2018 Family & Newby Hall My Dad has a birthday today — he has reached the grand age of sixty four. I went over to the farm to see Mum & Dad and they seemed in good form. I Fieldgate Feb 28, 2018 Family & Newby Hall The above photo was sent to me by my sister, Alison — it was labelled “Fieldgate 88.” Fieldgate is the name of the house where the two older people Mother’s Day 2017 Mar 26, 2017 Family & Newby Hall It has been a hell of a busy w/e. On Friday, our debut Dub EP was released on major stores as a download. There are a few teething problems with the