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The Platinum Jubilee In Harrogate Jun 5, 2022 Harrogate & Music & Social It was Elizabeth II’s Platty Joobs this weekend. I am writing this post on the Sunday after a heavy night last night. In this post I hope to write a 3 Releases From Focused Silence Mar 7, 2021 Creativity & Music I will go in to more detail nearer the time — but I am pleased with these releases; it seems a return to form for the label. I run Focused Silence, Two New Shows Out In The Æther Feb 19, 2021 Creativity & Guerrilla Dub System & Music I have two new episodes of podcasts out in the æther. The first was recorded in the small hours of yesterday. That is The Parish News - you can Post-Birthday Feel Goods Feb 11, 2021 Creativity & Guerrilla Dub System & Music & Podcast & Social This is the post for the 11th of February - I am Forty Years old and a day. I am happy. Scooby joined us for a garden-beer, all socially distanced Me, Allan + Scooby Feb 4, 2021 Music & Uncategorised … we make a podcast together and we are all really good mates. Here is the latest episode of the podcast, it is called Roots Conversation. I can’t “Mountains Be Shaken And The Hills Be Removed” Feb 2, 2021 Creativity & Dragon Parade & Music & Aside is the oh-so catchy title of an album I have been working on. If you want to listen to it, it is “The Cloud Of Unknowing” Jan 25, 2021 Creativity & Dragon Parade & Music & Thoughts With a firm nod of the head to Neoplatonic Classical Theology, I released an album today called “The Cloud Of Unknowing” - it’s ace! I am unsure who My New Media Set Up Jan 24, 2021 Dragon Parade & Music & Review (Of Sorts) I needed a music set up that would work with SONOS and my iPhone - something that would help me store my massive collection(s) of music. I thought The Little-Known Mastering Studio Jan 20, 2021 Music & Review (Of Sorts) Sigil Of Brass is the best mastering studio I have worked at. It is in a ranted space at Creao Studio, North Yorkshire - I work there with Allan Data Silo Fun! Jan 13, 2021 Harrogate & Music & Procrastination It has been a trying few days, with my health - so, I firmly buried my head on the sand and fiddled whilst Rome burned. What was the medium for this Working On Things For Record Labels Jan 11, 2021 Dragon Parade & Harrogate & Music & Procrastination Today has been spent in front of equipment. A variety of equipment with a variety of lights on it - I have been mastering the remix album for Review: Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson’s “Edda” Jan 7, 2021 Coronavirus & Music & Review (Of Sorts) As you will read in the Category Notes for the Post Category that this post is filed in, (Review (Of Sorts), that I am not qualified to give a Salontronic 2019 Aug 10, 2019 Creativity & Knaresborough & Music Harrogate Community Radio Aug 3, 2019 Creativity & Harrogate & Music & Radio I have had a small hand in the start of Harrogate Community Radio - a station that began broadcasting August 1st 2019 online. To tune in head HERE. Space Bass Has Landed Nov 3, 2017 Creativity & Guerrilla Dub System & Harrogate & Music Guerrilla Dub System — the band I am in — have a new EP out today. We have called it Space Bass, and it was a right laugh to make. Slightly a bit We Are Currently No.1 In’t Chart May 16, 2017 Creativity & Dub & Guerrilla Dub System & Music Guerrilla Dub System’s latest release (Pound Of Dub) is currently number one in the Beatport reggae chart. Not bad work if I say so myself. Quite Last W/E In November 2016 Nov 28, 2016 Creativity & Gigs We've Been To & Music & Procrastination Friday was a quiet night in with Mrs. B* - we just chilled in front of the telly and had a good catch up - it’s the backbone of our relationship - Me & The BBC Aug 14, 2016 Creativity & Music & News I have been invited to record a session on the local BBC Station - York & North Yorkshire! Whilst I missed the live broadcast - having burned out Salon #1 Mar 5, 2016 Creativity & Music & News & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) Went to gig tonight - no biggy in that itself - but, if I said it was the start of monthly installments of manifesto spouting artistic brilliance Elm - And Other Procrastinations Jun 1, 2014 Creativity & Music & Procrastination Things here have recently taken a dip - my health - the support I have received from my wife has been awesome; thank you Kathryn. A great healer to A Review Of The Band Fold // Bedfest 2013 Jun 9, 2013 Creativity & Music & News [] Last night saw me at Bedfest in Knaresborough. It was (and hopefully will be again) a music event held at Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre in A Tiding Of Magpies Feb 5, 2013 A Tiding Of Magpies & Creativity & Music I have yet to mention on this Blog that I am in a band along with quite an acclaimed Poet. Our venture is A Tiding Of Magpies - a Dark Folk duo. We In the middle of something …. Jan 25, 2013 Creativity & Music & News “text-align: justify;”>… founding a record label to be exact. When it fleshes out I will be the first to tell you all about it. Any-hoo, what have