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Lack Of Blog Mar 22, 2022 Health & Home & Mowbray House & Social Why have I not been blogging? There seems to be a bit of a blockage. I want to blog; I love everything about it - the free flowing, quick typing A Weekend Happened Dec 6, 2021 Home & Mowbray House Another weekend. This one was PJ clad and busy doing not much. Having said that, I managed to get a film developed and the results are below. The Covid19: Up Close II Nov 13, 2021 Home & Mowbray House We have been in isolation for a good while now - our last day is on Monday and then we are out on Tuesday. Will probably head for a few pints to Theatre // Movies // Metal Oct 31, 2021 Halloween & Home & Mowbray House & Social It has been a fun week with lots of adventure. Plenty of extra-curricular circumstance and shindiggery. Fun with a capital Fu was had. Well, it