Human Rights

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Systematic Abuse At Harrogate Army College Aug 18, 2017 Activism & Harrogate & Human Rights As a member of Liberty & Amnesty UK (and … most importantly, someone who nearly signed up) I am ashamed to say that Human Rights violations have Letter #12 Jun 25, 2017 Activism & Andrew Jones & Harrogate & Human Rights & Politics I am worried. I am worried for the people of Great Britain and the people who have travelled here to make it a home. So, I did all I can do at the Letter #7 Oct 12, 2016 Activism & Andrew Jones & Human Rights & Procrastination As a member of Amnesty International I receive emails asking me to sign petitions. This one chimed with me. Being on a low income, I would not be Lord Dubs & The Calais “Jungle” Aug 18, 2016 Activism & Human Rights Given the title of this Blog post, you may start thinking this Blog post is a music review - far from it: I am fortunate enough to be on the mailing Why I Joined Liberty Jun 30, 2016 Activism & Human Rights Well, in a nutshell, it was recommended that I do so ….. See, I have been following the Human Right’s Blog Law, Rights & Peaches for a number of Letter #5 Jun 28, 2016 Activism & Andrew Jones & Human Rights Dear Andrew Jones MP, Thank you for your continued correspondence - it is nice to see democracy in action. Belonging to the Mother Of All A British Person’s View Of Brexit Jun 24, 2016 Activism & Environment & Human Rights & News Where to start, really. I woke up on Tuesday in Great Britain and will fall asleep today (Friday) in Little England. Hats off to the Leave Campaign. Letter #2 May 25, 2016 Activism & Andrew Jones & Human Rights I am in the process of writing a letter to my local MP, Andrew Jones - this time about British Cluster Bombs being used against civilians in Yemen. Laurence Cadbury Jan 3, 2015 Activism & Human Rights & News Everybody I know has heard about Cadbury’s Chocolates - but this letter entry piqued my interest. I found this on www.whitefeatherdiaries.org.uk. Why I Joined Amnesty International Nov 24, 2014 Activism & Human Rights This evening I put forward my membership to Amnesty International UK. I do not want a big pat on the back, but, I would like to explain a bit about