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The Northman Film & Saying Goodbye Sep 11, 2022 Home & Mowbray Square History will remember this week - I am unsure if I will. See, QEII passed on Thursday. She served right to the end but what she served, and the 1st W/E Of September! Sep 4, 2022 Home & Mowbray Square We had quite a packed Saturday - one I hope to tell you about. It was one Kathryn & I spent together, and I feel better about this. It is tricky Hackforth Sleep-Over Aug 14, 2022 Home Me and Kathryn spent the weekend up at my folks; we were given the opportunity to escape the smoke and head out to the big green. Took this offer Touching Base Jul 9, 2022 Home I figure I had better check in - to update the site and keep things relevant. Out: blogging about everything, photography, Field Recording. In: Of Eurovision & Other Stories May 15, 2022 20 Times Dark & Home I am mid-way between first and second sleep. Apparently this used to be a thing in the Medieval period. Folk would wake around this time for a bit Rolling Out In Tom’s May 1, 2022 Creativity & DFAM & Home & Social I thought a quick mid-bank holiday re-rub is in order. Last night, the Saturday of the May Day Bank Holiday, was gig night. Major Tom’s hosted the Easter ’22 Apr 18, 2022 Home I figure I would force myself to write something - it has not been easy, the weight of a blog on my shoulders but I am enjoying writing this post Lack Of Blog Mar 22, 2022 Health & Home & Mowbray House & Social Why have I not been blogging? There seems to be a bit of a blockage. I want to blog; I love everything about it - the free flowing, quick typing A Live Broadcast Feb 8, 2022 Home & Mowbray Square & Procrastination & Radio I dipped my toe in to live broadcasting on Harrogate Community Radio. We were a show short, so we created the slot “Crap, We’re A Show Short!” I Tithe Cottage To Flat Inspection Jan 31, 2022 Home & Mowbray Square We grew up in a tithe cottage. We are not used to flat inspections by the Landlord of which renters are used to every few months. But, ultimately, Christmas Yule Blog Dec 25, 2021 Hackforth & Home We are in Hackforth for the day - having arrived yesterday and heading back to the smoke in the coming days. We were picked up by Dad and Sarah & A Weekend Happened Dec 6, 2021 Home & Mowbray House Another weekend. This one was PJ clad and busy doing not much. Having said that, I managed to get a film developed and the results are below. The Covid19: Up Close II Nov 13, 2021 Home & Mowbray House We have been in isolation for a good while now - our last day is on Monday and then we are out on Tuesday. Will probably head for a few pints to Theatre // Movies // Metal Oct 31, 2021 Halloween & Home & Mowbray House & Social It has been a fun week with lots of adventure. Plenty of extra-curricular circumstance and shindiggery. Fun with a capital Fu was had. Well, it Our Anniversary & Beer Week Sep 25, 2021 Home As you can tell by the title of this post, two big things happened in the past few days. We had Harrogate Beer Week and me and Kathryn also August ’21: The Jazz Show Aug 8, 2021 Home As a continuation of the weekend drip feed - a post written every weekend to keep the supply of news constant - I am back again with more mid-life First Weekend Of August ’21 Aug 2, 2021 Home & Procrastination I am trying to blog a bit more - get back in to the swing of things. I figure a good way to do this is to write short, readable reports about my I Move House In A Weeks Time Jun 26, 2021 Dragon Parade & Home I move house in a weeks time. Well not really a house and not too far a move. Me and Kathryn will be renting a new flat on Mowbray Square. Mowbray Jumping The Shark Apr 19, 2021 Home Short-term thinking repeated again and again doesn’t lead to long-term thinking. The stated strategy of Yahoo was to build more and more internal Dre’s Bad Boy Veg Moussaka w/ Cheat’s Garlic Bread Apr 12, 2021 Creativity & Home & Recipes If You Could Redo Tomorrow, Would You? Apr 11, 2021 Home & Quote I Like Blogging Apr 3, 2021 #365BlogChallenge & Home One reason that successful and prolific singer-songwriters are prolific is that as soon as they’ve written a song, they can record it and publish The Parish News // Rushed Media Apr 3, 2021 Home & Uncategorised The pArish News was remarkably rushed last night - I did not take as much time on it as I possible should have. You can check it out at How I Have Taken To Brushing My Hair In Lock Down Apr 1, 2021 Covid 19 & Home & Radio I have taken to brushing my hair in Lock Down 3.0. How have I found it? Meh! Same Same. It is something I have had to get used to. Another thing HCR Flyer Mar 31, 2021 Home & Image TPN HCR Mar 28, 2021 #365BlogChallenge & Home As I write this The Parish News is quarter of an hour in to being broadcast on on Harrogate Community Radio, the best radio station in Harrogate in Ijo Pona Redesign Mar 26, 2021 #365BlogChallenge & Home Ijo Pona, the Blog of Harrogate’s Funny Little Man, has had a bit of a face-lift; a bit of a redesign. It is one I am happy with and one I hope to I Slept Mar 17, 2021 Home It’s a big deal Recording The Jazz Show Mar 10, 2021 Home & Jazz & Work The Jazz Show managed to get recorded early in the morning, as Kathryn slept - she puts up with a lot from me and radio is one of them. The Jazz Draft + Sore Head = Hole In Ceiling Mar 5, 2021 Dragon Parade & Home Me and Kathryn are coming up to our eleventieth anniversary of living on Dragon Parade - we love it here, it is a great flat and we are treated