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Second Bite Of The Appleby May 9, 2022 Family & Holiday We did Appleby! Me and Kathryn are safely pyjama’d up and in for the night, back in Mowbray Square, Harrogate. We got home just before 3pm this Appleby Pt.I May 8, 2022 Family & Holiday **This is a field blog - written when I should be sleeping. My cluster of B*s are knee deep in Appleby, Westmorland to celebrate Mum’s 70th.** It October 2018, London Oct 17, 2018 Family & Holiday I am wary that this blog, Ijo Pona, is turning in to a ‘look what I had for tea’ blog — but, I need to talk about Potatoes. London-shaped Potatoes. B* Field Trip Oct 30, 2017 Family & Holiday I thought about titling this post as “Family Camp” but then that would lead to all sorts of rumours about that time I went fly-fishing. Instead — I Dornoch Adventure Blog 2016 - Pt. III Aug 3, 2016 Family & Holiday & News Well, I have made it home - we (Kathryn & myself) returned to Yorkshire on Monday evening. Knackered. I managed to sleep most of the journey but Dornoch Adventures 2016 - Pt II Jul 30, 2016 Dornoch & Family & Holiday Fun and games at the moment. As people may know I have malaria type symptoms coupled with complex post traumatic stress disorder. I am currently Dornoch Adventure Blog 2016 - Pt. I Jul 29, 2016 Dornoch & Family & Holiday So me and my good wife stayed over at Home Farm last night. The reasoning behind this became apparent when we woke at 0445 to catch a train from Hello! … From Prague! Apr 27, 2016 Family & Holiday & Prague Well, this is a bit exciting isn’t it - I am sat in a hotel room on the last night of my break and there exists technology that enables me to blog Me & Liam Neeson - How I Owe Him One Nov 6, 2015 Dornoch & Family & Holiday Back in, I think, January of this year (2015) I wrote a blog article about where I would like to holiday in 2015. Well, things did not go ahead with Dornoch Beach Jul 21, 2015 Dornoch & Family & Holiday Dornoch beach is a beautiful expanse of golden sand located on the tranquil Dornoch Firth. Miles of golden sand stretch from Dornoch Point heading Dornoch 2015 Jul 20, 2015 Dornoch & Family & Holiday I have the good fortune to have a lovely Gran living in the Highlands of Scotland. Granny lives a stones throw from Dornoch Cathedral. Dornoch is a