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RIP Dr Larkin Apr 19, 2022 Health Rest in peace, Dr Larkin - a man who’s skill as a consultant I witnessed when I came back from Borneo with Haemorrhaging kidneys and yellow skin, Lack Of Blog Mar 22, 2022 Health & Home & Mowbray House & Social Why have I not been blogging? There seems to be a bit of a blockage. I want to blog; I love everything about it - the free flowing, quick typing I Am Looking Forward To Shaking Someone’s Hand Again Apr 30, 2021 Coronavirus & Health It’s a funny thing to shake someone’s hand. In the future, of course, there are no handshakes. Star Trek, Star Wars, even Spaceballs… no one shakes Loading Dose Update // It’ll Be Lonely Apr 16, 2021 Covid 19 & Health I am back home safe from another breathless walk to Windsor House. See HERE for last week’s walk. It was for the completion of the Loading Dose that Loading Dose Update // Breathless Walk Apr 10, 2021 Health I made it up to Windsor House yesterday - it was a breathless struggle and the most exercise I have done since I had Covid. I am still stiff as a Hearing Voices Apr 8, 2021 Health & Hearing Voices is a symptom of serious mental illness; it is also something I can releate to. In this article, The New Statesman cites the pioneer On Barely Making It Back From The Shop Mar 25, 2021 Covid 19 & Health I nearly fell over today. Out of fatigue. I had my jab a few weeks ago and it is as bad as having the virus in the first place. I had the virus when Dr Appointment // Virtual Meet Up Mar 22, 2021 Health I had a check up with the consultant today - all done virtually. The app we used was linked to the surgery and it was seamless. The Doctor and the Fat Ankles Mar 19, 2021 Health I was hospitalised for having fat ankles today. I had a bad pain in my right ankle around 5am and there was a bit of swelling; I admit I was a bit Pinch And A Punch For The First Of The Month Mar 1, 2021 Covid 19 & Health First of March - get in, Spring is blooming and Anxiety is kicking in for the end of Lock Down. There seems to be a bit ‘in the air’ about easing Newsletter Feb 27, 2021 Health & Work I admit I have been working a bit too hard recently. As a result, I am having to now limit my screen time and engage in my Daily Practice forcibly, Covid Jab Accomplished Feb 25, 2021 Covid 19 & Health Had an injection today. An important one. I had my Pfizer jab to stop serious Covid 19 infection. The destination was the Yorkshire Show Ground and “To The Boozer!” Jan 30, 2021 Beer & Harrogate & Health & Procrastination Lock Down 3.0 is really starting to bite. I miss my friends and I miss my family - but the back drop to meeting these groups of people (extended Rap Therapy Jan 27, 2021 Coronavirus & Health Across five episodes — produced by Mother’s Best Child and TOAD — the series covers topics including trauma, grief, body image and sleep, all How I Got My Beach Body Jan 23, 2021 Health & Reviews (Of Sorts) I have eaten a few too many pies to make it to the beach this year. And, if I did, Greenpeace would confuse me for a beached whale. Pies, crisps,