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The Platinum Jubilee In Harrogate Jun 5, 2022 Harrogate & Music & Social It was Elizabeth II’s Platty Joobs this weekend. I am writing this post on the Sunday after a heavy night last night. In this post I hope to write a We Went To “Our Gate” Aug 26, 2021 Creativity & Harrogate & Theatre We went to the immersive theatre adventure called Our Gate tonight. I hope to give my knuckle-dragger’s opinion on the matter, but there is a Mail Shout Mar 11, 2021 Creativity & Harrogate & Uncategorised Typed this up for the station I volunteer at - it is a Newsletter. Howdy! Hope you’re well? Spring is Springing and I have some exciting Station A New Media Feb 28, 2021 Harrogate & Procrastination & Radio & Thoughts I set myself a challenge last week to try and listen to more radio, specifically Harrogate Community Radio. However, this Blog post references my I Dunno. Tides, Boat and Stuff… Feb 20, 2021 Harrogate & Procrastination First: If you come up with an innovation that creates value, that value is multiplied a million-fold because now you can share it outside your Back In To Field Recording Feb 6, 2021 Creativity & Field Recording & Harrogate Back in to field recording - I am glad I am, too. I went for a bimble today and I used it as an excuse to celotape two microphones to my head. I That Was That, Then: January 2021 Jan 31, 2021 Harrogate & News & Procrastination There are around ten hours left of January 2021 so I thought that for this post I would write a quick recap of the month. It was the month that I “To The Boozer!” Jan 30, 2021 Beer & Harrogate & Health & Procrastination Lock Down 3.0 is really starting to bite. I miss my friends and I miss my family - but the back drop to meeting these groups of people (extended What Is Tolerance? Jan 21, 2021 Harrogate & Normal Life & Procrastination Tolerance means two things: In high-quality manufacturing, producing to tolerance means that all the parts are as identical as possible. Getting Forward Motion & Those It Leaves Behind Jan 19, 2021 Harrogate & Quote & Procrastination All forward motion disappoints someone. If you serve one audience, you’ve let another down. One focus means that something else got ignored. If you Data Silo Fun! Jan 13, 2021 Harrogate & Music & Procrastination It has been a trying few days, with my health - so, I firmly buried my head on the sand and fiddled whilst Rome burned. What was the medium for this Working On Things For Record Labels Jan 11, 2021 Dragon Parade & Harrogate & Music & Procrastination Today has been spent in front of equipment. A variety of equipment with a variety of lights on it - I have been mastering the remix album for Check On Your Conspiracy Loving Friend Sep 24, 2020 Harrogate & Radio & Social & YouTube Please, go and check on your conspiracy loving friend - I guarantee that they are not okay right now. For the sake of History, we are currently I Made My First Instructional Video Aug 21, 2020 Creativity & Harrogate & Radio & YouTube I have just uploaded my first YouTube video that is semi-professional. Semi-professional, not in the quality but in that it was not a drunken whim. How I Join The Landed Gentry Aug 9, 2020 Activism & Environment & Harrogate & Long Lands Common Putting the ‘mental’ in Environmental, I have signed up to a scheme that enables people to buy shares in an Environmental project. The scheme is HCR Reaches Its First Birthday Aug 1, 2020 Creativity & Harrogate & Radio All of us are happy with how things are panning out with Harrogate Community Radio. I am unsure if you remember last year’s post, marked the 1st Spending Time Indoors Apr 5, 2020 Coronavirus & Dragon Parade & Harrogate & Procrastination … what do I write? I have been stuck indoors for weeks due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. I thought I had a cold a few weeks ago and took precautions - Notes From The Middle Of A Pandemic Mar 14, 2020 Coronavirus & Harrogate & Procrastination Some people are taking the Coronavirus Pandemic seriously - that is a good thing. They are trying to stop the surge in cases. Some people are just Harrogate Beer Club: Chapter 1 Mar 4, 2020 Beer & Food & Drink & Harrogate Above, in the photo, you will see the cans & bottles we sipped at Harrogate Beer Club: Chapter 1. It was Kathryn’s choice as to what we do for our A Good W/E Mar 2, 2020 Family & Hackforth & Harrogate My sleep gave me respite and I managed to get up in to the Dales to visit my folks over the weekend, on Sunday. Michael (+family) & Alison were I Played A Gig At Tom’s Feb 16, 2020 Beer & Creativity & Friends & Harrogate Today I played a gig at Major Tom’s on The Ginnel. This was quite something as it was the first DJ Gig I have played this year - we are two months Before Birthday Bash Blog Feb 8, 2020 Creativity & Harrogate & Radio I have recorded The Parish News a bit later than expected this week - I have been trying to do more at just my own pace. It is just about fitting Qually Reesh Jan 19, 2020 Creativity & Harrogate & Poetry Qually reesh, mega-bobbins, and! Balderdash that spleens the hump But, flixly - like a noogins it quitters ninjangled and does buxomly. For the Tings ’n Stuff Jan 10, 2020 Harrogate & Procrastination I have just returned from 10 Dev (Devonshire Tap House as it has been renamed). It was a lively sesh with Scooby and my wife. We talked a good bit Art + Beer At The Mercer Nov 12, 2019 Art & Beer & Creativity & Food & Drink & Harrogate Well, I am fresh back from my third venture ‘out’ in four days - I am all the better for it. I attended the Women On Tap event, Art & Beer At The I Visited Thought Bubble 2019 Nov 9, 2019 Creativity & Friends & Harrogate & Social I visited Thought Bubble 2019 - Thought Bubble is the Yorkshire Comics Convention. I admit this was my first comics convention (ever) and I was a HCR Open Day Oct 19, 2019 Creativity & Harrogate & Radio There was an open day for the station I volunteer with. Harogate Community Radio held an open day at Creao Studio to help people get in to I Went To Culture Hop Sep 20, 2019 Beer & Food & Drink & Harrogate & Theatre It has been quite a busy w/e so far - a session around Allan’s for Friday night and a heap of Radio Station admin on the Saturday - but here I am Harrogate Community Radio Aug 3, 2019 Creativity & Harrogate & Music & Radio I have had a small hand in the start of Harrogate Community Radio - a station that began broadcasting August 1st 2019 online. To tune in head HERE. Farewell Ted … Or, Bill? Jul 25, 2019 Dragon Parade & Family & Harrogate We had an upset yesterday. Bill or Ted has passed on and gone to join the other one (the one that didn’t die yesterday) in the aquarium in the sky. A Magestic Timbre Jun 10, 2019 Harrogate & Procrastination Your browser does not support the audio element There Is An Ongoing Art Event @BiasHarrogate May 23, 2019 Art & Creativity & Harrogate Last night was such good fun. And, now I am the richer for friendship and I have bagged myself a print of a fantastic painting by John McClenaghen! First Big Weekend Of The Summer 2019 Apr 28, 2019 Harrogate & Social Summing up on a Monday evening — it was quite a great w/e. The first big weekend of the summer 2019. All the good things happened and then Monday February Round-Up 2019 Mar 4, 2019 Harrogate & Social How was your February? Mine was mint! I had a Birthday — turned 38 — and I got up to a whole heap of stuff. All the Funs were had. I am branching We Visited A Luminarium Jul 14, 2018 Art & Creativity & Harrogate Me and Kathryn visited the Luminarium that was displayed as part of Harrogate International Festival. A Luminarium is a sculpture that you walk Happy Birthday Kathryn Jul 11, 2018 Family & Harrogate & Kathryn Kathryn turned another year over today — she grows in beauty every day and is a joy to be with. Gorgeous all-round life-companion, wife, friend & Harrogate Pride In Diversity 2018 Jun 15, 2018 Family & Harrogate & Kathryn & Social June 16th saw Harrogate’s Pride In Diversity event — I went along to support some good friends. This had been the first time I had been to a Pride May Day Dub Mix May 5, 2018 Creativity & Guerrilla Dub System & Harrogate Letter #17 Apr 19, 2018 Activism & Andrew Jones & Harrogate & Politics Dear Andrew Jones MP — I am writing as a concerned constituent. I am a blogger. I have the liberty to write what I want on the net. My blog is at New Chart Success Apr 7, 2018 Creativity & Dub & Guerrilla Dub System & Harrogate Me and Allan, as Guerrilla Dub System, have a new release out — called “Dubucation”. I was a bit worried about how it would be received. Our last Letter #16 Jan 28, 2018 Activism & Andrew Jones & Harrogate & Politics We seem to be having a ‘wholesome’ day here at Ijo Pona HQ. Kathryn is at a Church Parade with her Girl Guide group and I am left to my own devices. Letter #15 Jan 19, 2018 Activism & Andrew Jones & Harrogate & Politics The Repeal Bill is one of the most important pieces of legislation in a generation. It will rewrite our laws after we leave the European Union. Ooh, Hai 2018 Jan 1, 2018 Harrogate & Procrastination So, 2017 — was it a good year for me? I had a lot of bad things happen to me that were out of my control in 2017. A few examples of this were Letter #14 Dec 22, 2017 Activism & Andrew Jones & Harrogate & Politics Dear Andrew Jones, First of all, please let me wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I have gained a lot from our correspondence Space Bass Has Landed Nov 3, 2017 Creativity & Guerrilla Dub System & Harrogate & Music Guerrilla Dub System — the band I am in — have a new EP out today. We have called it Space Bass, and it was a right laugh to make. Slightly a bit The Art Of Pattern Oct 10, 2017 Art & Creativity & Harrogate Kathryn had the day off work today — so, I took time off from web design to “do something” with my wife. We decided to visit the local art gallery, Systematic Abuse At Harrogate Army College Aug 18, 2017 Activism & Harrogate & Human Rights As a member of Liberty & Amnesty UK (and … most importantly, someone who nearly signed up) I am ashamed to say that Human Rights violations have Letter #13 Jul 16, 2017 Activism & Andrew Jones & Harrogate & Politics I have the good fortune to be a member of Amnesty and Liberty. They are both Human Right’s Groups who campaign for mankind’s betterment — I figure Letter #12 Jun 25, 2017 Activism & Andrew Jones & Harrogate & Human Rights & Politics I am worried. I am worried for the people of Great Britain and the people who have travelled here to make it a home. So, I did all I can do at the What Type Of Bees Make Milk? Jun 10, 2017 Friends & Harrogate & Social I have had a wonderful past couple of days — and I want to share them with this Blog. My Blog is gradually turning into a “I am feeling ‘X’ because Letter #10 Mar 22, 2017 Activism & Andrew Jones & Harrogate & Politics I rely on the NHS — I make no bold claim otherwise. Without NHS health care I would be dead. Because of the long-term effects of my battle with Letter #11 Mar 22, 2017 Activism & Andrew Jones & Harrogate & Politics Now then, this is a matter I am fuming about — I have signed numerous petitions and called on respective MP’s (when in Northumberland and East Letter #9 Mar 10, 2017 Activism & Andrew Jones & Harrogate & Politics Dear Andrew Jones MP, The Leave Campaign promised that Brexit would not mean stripping EU citizens of their rights — and polling shows the British H. P. Lovecraft’s “At The Mountains Of Madness” by Icarus Theatre Sep 25, 2016 Creativity & Harrogate & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) & Theatre The below is what Harrogate Theatre had to say about H. P. Lovecraft’s “At The Mountains Of Madness” by Icarus Theatre . Me and the good lady wife