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Happy Birthday Kathryn! S’nice That! Jul 12, 2019 Birthday & Family & Gigs We've Been To & Kathryn & Procrastination Congratulations on another Earth Cycle, Kathryn - god knows you have had to work hard to get here. The people you grace with your presence are all What Did I Make To The Urban Animals Gig In Leeds May 10, 2019 Gigs We've Been To & Leeds & Procrastination Yay, date night! But, it almost never happened. In this blog post, I hope to say a bit about the event at the Brudenell that me and Kathryn attended I Hope I Am Like This Guy When I Hit Eighty Mar 13, 2018 Gigs We've Been To & Leeds & Procrastination Lee Perry is well into his eighties and is not starting to show signs of slowing down. Me and Kathryn called into the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds Last W/E In November 2016 Nov 28, 2016 Creativity & Gigs We've Been To & Music & Procrastination Friday was a quiet night in with Mrs. B* - we just chilled in front of the telly and had a good catch up - it’s the backbone of our relationship -