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Family Bash ’22 Jul 26, 2022 Family We had a family get-together recently. It was held in leafy Warwickshire and it was good to see everyone. Some of the faces I had not seen since Second Bite Of The Appleby May 9, 2022 Family & Holiday We did Appleby! Me and Kathryn are safely pyjama’d up and in for the night, back in Mowbray Square, Harrogate. We got home just before 3pm this Appleby Pt.I May 8, 2022 Family & Holiday **This is a field blog - written when I should be sleeping. My cluster of B*s are knee deep in Appleby, Westmorland to celebrate Mum’s 70th.** It Popped To Hackforth Apr 25, 2021 Family & Hackforth Popped to Hackforth today - it is where my folks live; they have a new housemate in the form of my sister. Alison is between houses having put a An Eclectic Radio Show Mar 24, 2021 Creativity & Family I had the pleasure of recording a radio show today - it was by DJ Scooby and the show is Sound Of Wonder. I have had the pleasure of seeing someone A Big Birthday - One with an “0” Feb 10, 2021 #365BlogChallenge & Birthday & Dragon Parade & Family Ooooh, big. I have reached the age of 40 - it is a new thing for me and I am still finding my feet in this decade, but it is shaping up to be a good #SuperSpreaderSaturday Jul 3, 2020 Beer & Coronavirus & Family & Hackforth With Lock Down lifting, I paid a socially distanced visit to my folks near Bedale, North Yorkshire. Kathryn came and it was nice to get out of A Good W/E Mar 2, 2020 Family & Hackforth & Harrogate My sleep gave me respite and I managed to get up in to the Dales to visit my folks over the weekend, on Sunday. Michael (+family) & Alison were Christmas 2019 Dec 26, 2019 Family & Hackforth I am listening back to Geeks at The Gates on Harrogate Community Radio as I write this. It has been a Christmas that has been ruled by radio. I run Dornoch 2019 Dec 8, 2019 Dornoch & Family We arrived safely home yesterday afternoon. We set off from Dornoch around 0730 and came in to Harrogate around 1600. It was dark when we set off View From Pulteney, Inland Dec 6, 2019 Family A Recording Of Golspie Train Station Dec 6, 2019 Creativity & Family Your browser does not support the audio element Dornoch w/o Granny Dec 1, 2019 Dornoch & Family Kathryn, Mum, Dad & myself are up in the highlands for a week - this is the first time in Dornoch since Gran passed earlier this year. I thought I Kathryn’s Guiding Sorority Oct 4, 2019 Beer & Family & Kathryn & Ripon Kathryn, my wife, is a volunteer at the local Guiding Association. She leads young girls into being responsible people who will hopefully surpass That’s That, Then - Cheerio Home Farm Aug 17, 2019 Family & Newby Hall My dad is a farmer, a damn good one at that. He has reached the end of his full-time obligations and he is joining Mum in retirement. I wish them Farewell Ted … Or, Bill? Jul 25, 2019 Dragon Parade & Family & Harrogate We had an upset yesterday. Bill or Ted has passed on and gone to join the other one (the one that didn’t die yesterday) in the aquarium in the sky. Happy Birthday Kathryn! S’nice That! Jul 12, 2019 Birthday & Family & Gigs We've Been To & Kathryn & Procrastination Congratulations on another Earth Cycle, Kathryn - god knows you have had to work hard to get here. The people you grace with your presence are all Photo Dump Of A Sad Occasion Jun 26, 2019 Dornoch & Family As you read previously in the Blog - things have been a bit upset here. Grannys funeral was last week and we went up there as a family to lay her to Rock With A View (Dornoch Beach) Jun 22, 2019 Family My Solstice, Summer 2019 Jun 21, 2019 Family The Summer Solstice marks my great friend Allan’s birthday - this year he was closer to sixty than fifty - yes, there is a bit of an age gap but N’night Granny Jun 8, 2019 Family I’m sad but acceptant that I will not see my Gran for a very long time. I could wax lyrical about Summerlands and the like. But, I am coming to the Easter Sunday Photo Dump Apr 21, 2019 Family & Newby Hall Easter Sunday kicked off at 4am. Nothing too new in my books — I can be an early riser, but that depends on what time I went to bed the night before Christmas 2018 Dec 25, 2018 Family & Newby Hall First of all, please let me start this blog post by wishing you — the reader of my blog — a very festive and fun-filled Christmas. We have spent Polly. Dec 20, 2018 Family & Newby Hall & Polly We are all heart-broken in the run up to Christmas. We were told on Saturday that our beloved pup, Polly, was not strong enough to make it through October 2018, London Oct 17, 2018 Family & Holiday I am wary that this blog, Ijo Pona, is turning in to a ‘look what I had for tea’ blog — but, I need to talk about Potatoes. London-shaped Potatoes. Our Trip To Manchester Aug 26, 2018 Family & Manchester & Social Our trip to Manchester: Me and Mrs B* visited my sister, Alison. Alison lives in the Chorlton area of Manchester and it is the first time me and Happy Birthday Kathryn Jul 11, 2018 Family & Harrogate & Kathryn Kathryn turned another year over today — she grows in beauty every day and is a joy to be with. Gorgeous all-round life-companion, wife, friend & Harrogate Pride In Diversity 2018 Jun 15, 2018 Family & Harrogate & Kathryn & Social June 16th saw Harrogate’s Pride In Diversity event — I went along to support some good friends. This had been the first time I had been to a Pride H’ppy Birthday Dad Mar 4, 2018 Family & Newby Hall My Dad has a birthday today — he has reached the grand age of sixty four. I went over to the farm to see Mum & Dad and they seemed in good form. I Fieldgate Feb 28, 2018 Family & Newby Hall The above photo was sent to me by my sister, Alison — it was labelled “Fieldgate 88.” Fieldgate is the name of the house where the two older people B* Field Trip Oct 30, 2017 Family & Holiday I thought about titling this post as “Family Camp” but then that would lead to all sorts of rumours about that time I went fly-fishing. Instead — I Kathryn Had A Vinyl Birthday Jul 12, 2017 Birthday & Family & Kathryn So then, the love of my life, Kathryn B* had a birthday today — she has given permission for me to print her age on this blog. She is no longer Granny B Apr 16, 2017 Family I am writing this late on Easter Monday’s afternoon — struggling to make sense of my emotions. The weekend got off to a hell of a bad start; on Good Mother’s Day 2017 Mar 26, 2017 Family & Newby Hall It has been a hell of a busy w/e. On Friday, our debut Dub EP was released on major stores as a download. There are a few teething problems with the RIP Paddy Feb 13, 2017 Family & News & Normal Life - he was a good pup. The realisation that I have seen Paddy for the last time has come true. I do not know if you remember, but in my post Dornoch Adventure Blog 2016 - Pt. III Aug 3, 2016 Family & Holiday & News Well, I have made it home - we (Kathryn & myself) returned to Yorkshire on Monday evening. Knackered. I managed to sleep most of the journey but Dornoch Adventures 2016 - Pt II Jul 30, 2016 Dornoch & Family & Holiday Fun and games at the moment. As people may know I have malaria type symptoms coupled with complex post traumatic stress disorder. I am currently Dornoch Adventure Blog 2016 - Pt. I Jul 29, 2016 Dornoch & Family & Holiday So me and my good wife stayed over at Home Farm last night. The reasoning behind this became apparent when we woke at 0445 to catch a train from An Obituary Jul 12, 2016 Family & News Whilst paying a visit to leafy Warwickshire, I happened upon this article in the Leamington Courier …. This is the most personal Blog post I have Prague: Been There Apr 28, 2016 Family & News & Prague Well, we arrived back in the drizzly UK around 4 hours ago - and I already miss Prague. Why - well, because it is an inspirational city. It draws on Hello! … From Prague! Apr 27, 2016 Family & Holiday & Prague Well, this is a bit exciting isn’t it - I am sat in a hotel room on the last night of my break and there exists technology that enables me to blog Me & Liam Neeson - How I Owe Him One Nov 6, 2015 Dornoch & Family & Holiday Back in, I think, January of this year (2015) I wrote a blog article about where I would like to holiday in 2015. Well, things did not go ahead with Dornoch Beach Jul 21, 2015 Dornoch & Family & Holiday Dornoch beach is a beautiful expanse of golden sand located on the tranquil Dornoch Firth. Miles of golden sand stretch from Dornoch Point heading Dornoch 2015 Jul 20, 2015 Dornoch & Family & Holiday I have the good fortune to have a lovely Gran living in the Highlands of Scotland. Granny lives a stones throw from Dornoch Cathedral. Dornoch is a Congratulations To My Brother & His Wife May 12, 2014 Family & News My brother, Michael, married his long-term partner, Hannah, at the weekend. The event was held at our parents farm - Newby Hall. The service kicked Kathryn The Girl Guide Volunteer Feb 24, 2014 Family & News My wife, Kathryn, recently took up the challenge of that of Girl Guide Volunteer. She seems to enjoy it. The troop is based at the Baptist church How was your Christmas? Dec 28, 2013 Family & News Kathryn and I spent out yule at my parents - we take it year about with each others parents. It was great to get away from the drunks and traffic Happy Birthday Grannie - Many happy returns! Aug 19, 2013 Family & News Well the weekend had me in all sorts of flaps. It started off badly. I found out that the Event Promotor for the night I was due to DJ at had done a Down On The Farm Apr 14, 2013 Family & Home Farm & News After a considerable sleep (18 hrs!) I was dancing around the kitchen to Kate Bush. Now then, I do not make a habit of either - the sleep or the The Ghost Of Newby Hall Jan 15, 2013 Family & News The Church of Christ the Consoler is a Victorian Gothic Revival church built in the Early English style by William Burges. It is located in the