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How I Join The Landed Gentry Aug 9, 2020 Activism & Environment & Harrogate & Long Lands Common Putting the ‘mental’ in Environmental, I have signed up to a scheme that enables people to buy shares in an Environmental project. The scheme is Celebrating ‘Capability’ Brown & The Yorkshire Landscape Jul 19, 2016 Creativity & Environment & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) My wife and I took advantage of the hottest day of the years so far and journeyed in to town. First stop was Major Tom’s Social, where we supped, A British Person’s View Of Brexit Jun 24, 2016 Activism & Environment & Human Rights & News Where to start, really. I woke up on Tuesday in Great Britain and will fall asleep today (Friday) in Little England. Hats off to the Leave Campaign. Letter #4 Jun 20, 2016 Activism & Andrew Jones & Environment Dear Andrew Jones MP, As you may be aware from our previous correspondence, I have a passion for Human Rights and environmental campaigns - it is The Day We Went Bat Hunting Jun 6, 2016 Creativity & Environment & Field Recording & News After a farily uneventful weekend of sleep and slobbing, I decided to try and make one last hurrah for the weekend. The plan conspired after a Desmond & The Freshwater Floodings Dec 8, 2015 Activism & Environment The title of this entry is not the name of an obscure 50’s beat combo - oh no, Storm Desmond wreaked havoc in the fells of Cumbria and Scotland over