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Dornoch 2019 Dec 8, 2019 Dornoch & Family We arrived safely home yesterday afternoon. We set off from Dornoch around 0730 and came in to Harrogate around 1600. It was dark when we set off Dornoch w/o Granny Dec 1, 2019 Dornoch & Family Kathryn, Mum, Dad & myself are up in the highlands for a week - this is the first time in Dornoch since Gran passed earlier this year. I thought I Photo Dump Of A Sad Occasion Jun 26, 2019 Dornoch & Family As you read previously in the Blog - things have been a bit upset here. Grannys funeral was last week and we went up there as a family to lay her to Dornoch Adventures 2016 - Pt II Jul 30, 2016 Dornoch & Family & Holiday Fun and games at the moment. As people may know I have malaria type symptoms coupled with complex post traumatic stress disorder. I am currently Dornoch Adventure Blog 2016 - Pt. I Jul 29, 2016 Dornoch & Family & Holiday So me and my good wife stayed over at Home Farm last night. The reasoning behind this became apparent when we woke at 0445 to catch a train from Me & Liam Neeson - How I Owe Him One Nov 6, 2015 Dornoch & Family & Holiday Back in, I think, January of this year (2015) I wrote a blog article about where I would like to holiday in 2015. Well, things did not go ahead with Dornoch Beach Jul 21, 2015 Dornoch & Family & Holiday Dornoch beach is a beautiful expanse of golden sand located on the tranquil Dornoch Firth. Miles of golden sand stretch from Dornoch Point heading Dornoch 2015 Jul 20, 2015 Dornoch & Family & Holiday I have the good fortune to have a lovely Gran living in the Highlands of Scotland. Granny lives a stones throw from Dornoch Cathedral. Dornoch is a