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Take Me To The Pictures Aug 7, 2022 Creativity & Dub I have made a track after quite a while of not making tracks. It seems a lifetime ago I was being played on the radio and charting with GDS. I am Rolling Out In Tom’s May 1, 2022 Creativity & DFAM & Home & Social I thought a quick mid-bank holiday re-rub is in order. Last night, the Saturday of the May Day Bank Holiday, was gig night. Major Tom’s hosted the St George’s Day ’22 Apr 23, 2022 Art & Creativity & DJing Saint George - patron saint of football hooligans. We celebrated by going to see a Transvestite the night before. Grayson Perry had to rearrange his We Went To “Our Gate” Aug 26, 2021 Creativity & Harrogate & Theatre We went to the immersive theatre adventure called Our Gate tonight. I hope to give my knuckle-dragger’s opinion on the matter, but there is a Mowbray House Jul 27, 2021 Creativity & Photography I have been awake a few nights, now; my feet are swelling up and they are quite painful. Not much sleep is being achieved. But, this does afford Well, I Failed The #365BlogChallenge May 10, 2021 #365BlogChallenge & Creativity & Dragon Parade Well I have failed the challenge I set myself last December - I had hoped to Blog everyday through 2021 but I could not find the time to research, May Mix May 2, 2021 Creativity & DJ Mix Weird Wins: Series One May 1, 2021 Creativity & Podcast & Weird Wins I have started a new podcast series called Weird Wins. I get to speak to inspirational people about their driving passion. The things that makes I Built This! Apr 29, 2021 Creativity & Quote Roots Conversation Reaches Episode #100! Apr 28, 2021 Creativity & Guerrilla Dub System & Radio I have been a part of Roots Conversation - the roots reggae podcast for a good few years now. We reached Episode #100 tonight. I am currently sat in #GoTeam Apr 24, 2021 Creativity & Radio There was an admin meeting for the station tonight. It was the first proper, facilitated meeting I have attended. Karen led it and she. Knows her I Made A Quick Mix Apr 21, 2021 Creativity & DJing There have been holes made in the schedule of HCR - so, I have put in my pitch. The show has vocals over the top, but below you can hear just the Rumblings Of A ’Cast Apr 20, 2021 #365BlogChallenge & Creativity Not as a way to make big money (blogging didn’t do that either). But as a way to share your ideas, to lead your community, to earn trust. Podcasting Wood Apr 18, 2021 Creativity Tell me when you’re going to finish. Tell me if you fall behind. Don’t make me ask. It’s difficult for a small organisation or a dedicated Dre’s Bad Boy Veg Moussaka w/ Cheat’s Garlic Bread Apr 12, 2021 Creativity & Home & Recipes April Roots Mix 2021 Apr 9, 2021 Creativity & Audio Wireframing In Figma Apr 5, 2021 Creativity I am nearing the middle of a course in UX and Design with Google - it is proving quite a taxing challenge. As part of it, I had to create a Brain / Brian Apr 4, 2021 Creativity & Image & Sketches Ideas Mar 30, 2021 Creativity & Quote TPN RE Mar 27, 2021 Creativity & Radio & The Parish News This blog post is about The Parish News and Resonance EXTRA. I have the good fortune to be broadcast on the esteemed Resonance Network - it is a An Eclectic Radio Show Mar 24, 2021 Creativity & Family I had the pleasure of recording a radio show today - it was by DJ Scooby and the show is Sound Of Wonder. I have had the pleasure of seeing someone Building Sleep Patterns Mar 23, 2021 Creativity & Tech After a short nine hour snooze in the afternoon, I had issues with my nights sleep. Still I set to work building an app for the station I work at. I Adam A77X Mar 21, 2021 Creativity I have received a new monitor for my DJing and it is now up at the studio. The model I plumped for is the Adam A77X. Hand built in Germany and Rekordbox Mar 20, 2021 Creativity & DJing Spent the day trying to sort out Rekordbox for my Dub collection. It is a faff - a thankless task that no no really enjoys. All this effort for Recording Roots Reggae Mar 18, 2021 Creativity My podcast rolled around again - I am lucky to be part of Guerrilla Dub System and we have a podcast called Roots Conversation. On the podcast we D&Ad Mar 16, 2021 #365BlogChallenge & Creativity & Social I have renewed my subscription for D&Ad, the body that helps creatives. It may help lessen my imposter syndrome; the fact that I am part of a The Jazz Show In Harrogate Mar 15, 2021 Creativity & HCR & Radio I am very fortunate (privileged?) to host The Jazz Show on Harrogate Community Radio - it is a monthly toe-dip in to Modal and Spiritual, Hard Bop March (Of The) Newsletter Mar 14, 2021 Creativity & Newsletter Hello - hope you are well? I have a brief moment of spare time so I thought I would share a few things with you… My monthly foray in to tamed, 8am Dash // The Parish News Mar 12, 2021 Creativity & Radio I had an 8am Dash to the computer to make this week’s The Parish News. I admit I just did not have the energy to make a show late last night. So, I Mail Shout Mar 11, 2021 Creativity & Harrogate & Uncategorised Typed this up for the station I volunteer at - it is a Newsletter. Howdy! Hope you’re well? Spring is Springing and I have some exciting Station I Think The 3 Of Us Did Right Here Mar 9, 2021 Creativity & Roots Conversation I put a bit more work in to Roots Conversation this week - it is a vitage episode. I have been trying to get it toward more of a production - 3 Releases From Focused Silence Mar 7, 2021 Creativity & Music I will go in to more detail nearer the time — but I am pleased with these releases; it seems a return to form for the label. I run Focused Silence, Find Me On Good Reads! Mar 6, 2021 Creativity & Uncategorised A website for reading. Reading books. Not reading the code or the text on the site. A website about literature; Good Reads, that’s its name. Designing A Flyer Mar 3, 2021 Creativity & Radio I have turned my hand to design when it is asked for - sometimes when it is not asked for. Alway with mixed vegetables. How ever I am proud of this Imposter Syndrome Mar 2, 2021 Creativity I have been humming and haa-ing for years now about a return to education - I have been accepted on Bachelor Of Laws, Masters Of Arts, BA Degrees Is It A Fail? Feb 26, 2021 Creativity I have stretched the terms of #365BlogChallenge - I am meant to be blogging every day. But, I have had a hell of a busy week. I have changed servers Two New Shows Out In The Æther Feb 19, 2021 Creativity & Guerrilla Dub System & Music I have two new episodes of podcasts out in the æther. The first was recorded in the small hours of yesterday. That is The Parish News - you can Andy Must Get Field Recording Again Feb 13, 2021 Art & Creativity & Field Recording Andy must get field recording again; it is important for him. Other than speaking about myself in the second and third person, I, Andy B*, have a Post-Birthday Feel Goods Feb 11, 2021 Creativity & Guerrilla Dub System & Music & Podcast & Social This is the post for the 11th of February - I am Forty Years old and a day. I am happy. Scooby joined us for a garden-beer, all socially distanced ☂️ Everything Under One Umbrella Feb 8, 2021 Creativity & News Earlier // yesterday, I sorted out the Newsletters I have for a few projects; I had too many newsletters, all for minor things. So, I gathered them Back In To Field Recording Feb 6, 2021 Creativity & Field Recording & Harrogate Back in to field recording - I am glad I am, too. I went for a bimble today and I used it as an excuse to celotape two microphones to my head. I “Mountains Be Shaken And The Hills Be Removed” Feb 2, 2021 Creativity & Dragon Parade & Music & Aside is the oh-so catchy title of an album I have been working on. If you want to listen to it, it is “What’s With The Whining?” Jan 28, 2021 Creativity & Thoughts Toddlers whine. Most adults figure out how to lose the habit, because it’s toxic. And yet it persists. I think I will tag this post in Creativity — Congratulations, Scooby Jan 26, 2021 Creativity & Dragon Parade & Friends You have reached Episode 250 of Sound Of Wonder. I’d like to think I played a small part - but, I did not. This is all “The Cloud Of Unknowing” Jan 25, 2021 Creativity & Dragon Parade & Music & Thoughts With a firm nod of the head to Neoplatonic Classical Theology, I released an album today called “The Cloud Of Unknowing” - it’s ace! I am unsure who Woohoo! Radio! Jan 22, 2021 Creativity & Aside & Radio A Night Infront Of The Radio Jan 15, 2021 Creativity & Podcast & Aside … or, should I say ‘behind the radio’ - yes it is the same night as the last blog. I have, however made a new edition of The Parish News. Here it Hark, The Sound Of Wonder! Jan 12, 2021 Creativity & Podcast I am quite fortunate in that I produce a lot of content. I am unfortunate that most of this goes by the wayside. However, one item that has been Radical Radix Jan 10, 2021 Creativity & Guerrilla Dub System & Podcast & Radio Roots Conversation is something I am part of - It is a roots reggae podcast that I help host; along with two great mates, Allan & Stewart. Roots An Experimental Radio Show Jan 8, 2021 Creativity & Radio Well, pretty much everyone I brush up against gets told that I host The Parish News, which is an experimental radio show. The Parish News has been What The Hell Have I Done? Jan 2, 2021 Creativity Okay, second in this series of #365BlogChallenge - why have I done this to myself? I should be taking it easy not setting myself artificial An Experiment On Vimeo Nov 22, 2020 Coronavirus & Creativity Most people have heard of the video hosting service, Vimeo. It is a bit more like YouTube but more pretentious. A lot of videographers, artists, Recording The Parish News Nov 11, 2020 Creativity & Radio It is currently early Wednesday morning, eleventh of November 2020 - I have just recorded a new edition of The Parish News, as Kathryn slept nearby. Working With Lee Perry Oct 25, 2020 Creativity I have been in contact with my hero, Lee Perry. Lee “Scratch” Perry is a massive influence on me and the music I make, when I am making Dub Reggae. I Made My First Instructional Video Aug 21, 2020 Creativity & Harrogate & Radio & YouTube I have just uploaded my first YouTube video that is semi-professional. Semi-professional, not in the quality but in that it was not a drunken whim. HCR Reaches Its First Birthday Aug 1, 2020 Creativity & Harrogate & Radio All of us are happy with how things are panning out with Harrogate Community Radio. I am unsure if you remember last year’s post, marked the 1st Well, I Am Part Of A Podcast Apr 21, 2020 Creativity & Dub & Guerrilla Dub System & Podcast I am unsure if anyone other than my immediate friends knows I am part of Guerrilla Dub System. We had quite a few top-five hits in the charts years Bowlsifer! Feb 17, 2020 Creativity & Podcast & Poetry I Played A Gig At Tom’s Feb 16, 2020 Beer & Creativity & Friends & Harrogate Today I played a gig at Major Tom’s on The Ginnel. This was quite something as it was the first DJ Gig I have played this year - we are two months Before Birthday Bash Blog Feb 8, 2020 Creativity & Harrogate & Radio I have recorded The Parish News a bit later than expected this week - I have been trying to do more at just my own pace. It is just about fitting Qually Reesh Jan 19, 2020 Creativity & Harrogate & Poetry Qually reesh, mega-bobbins, and! Balderdash that spleens the hump But, flixly - like a noogins it quitters ninjangled and does buxomly. For the A Recording Of Golspie Train Station Dec 6, 2019 Creativity & Family Your browser does not support the audio element Seablaqqr Nov 18, 2019 Creativity Art + Beer At The Mercer Nov 12, 2019 Art & Beer & Creativity & Food & Drink & Harrogate Well, I am fresh back from my third venture ‘out’ in four days - I am all the better for it. I attended the Women On Tap event, Art & Beer At The I Visited Thought Bubble 2019 Nov 9, 2019 Creativity & Friends & Harrogate & Social I visited Thought Bubble 2019 - Thought Bubble is the Yorkshire Comics Convention. I admit this was my first comics convention (ever) and I was a HCR Open Day Oct 19, 2019 Creativity & Harrogate & Radio There was an open day for the station I volunteer with. Harogate Community Radio held an open day at Creao Studio to help people get in to We’re Recruiting Sep 30, 2019 Creativity How To Tune In To HCR Aug 25, 2019 Creativity Salontronic 2019 Aug 10, 2019 Creativity & Knaresborough & Music Harrogate Community Radio Aug 3, 2019 Creativity & Harrogate & Music & Radio I have had a small hand in the start of Harrogate Community Radio - a station that began broadcasting August 1st 2019 online. To tune in head HERE. Pink-Tron Jul 7, 2019 Creativity A Dub Reggae Radio Show Jun 28, 2019 Creativity You know about The Parish News? It is my main radio show - it gets broadcast on Resonance EXTRA, the arts station in London. But, have you heard Water Jun 27, 2019 Creativity There Is An Ongoing Art Event @BiasHarrogate May 23, 2019 Art & Creativity & Harrogate Last night was such good fun. And, now I am the richer for friendship and I have bagged myself a print of a fantastic painting by John McClenaghen! Saltaire Oct 24, 2018 Art & Creativity & Friends & Social I thought I would write up a bit about what happened today — Kathryn has gone to bed and it is not yet time for me to hit the hay. It is times like We Visited A Luminarium Jul 14, 2018 Art & Creativity & Harrogate Me and Kathryn visited the Luminarium that was displayed as part of Harrogate International Festival. A Luminarium is a sculpture that you walk May Day Dub Mix May 5, 2018 Creativity & Guerrilla Dub System & Harrogate New Chart Success Apr 7, 2018 Creativity & Dub & Guerrilla Dub System & Harrogate Me and Allan, as Guerrilla Dub System, have a new release out — called “Dubucation”. I was a bit worried about how it would be received. Our last Living With Ghosts Mar 25, 2018 Creativity & Poetry & York I have to state that this post is about the event “Living With Ghosts” as opposed to any health implied topic. Nicola, Scooby & I trundled over to Congratulations Scooby — 100 Shows Feb 28, 2018 Creativity & Radio Stewart, aka DJ Scooby, has managed to record 100 episodes of Sound Of Wonder. No small feat. Stewart picks the music and sorts the links and I am A Peasant’s View Of Art Jan 10, 2018 Art & Creativity & Leeds Kathryn had the day off work today — so we decided to pop over to Leeds to take in some culture. The City centre Gallery had benefited from a refurb Space Bass Has Landed Nov 3, 2017 Creativity & Guerrilla Dub System & Harrogate & Music Guerrilla Dub System — the band I am in — have a new EP out today. We have called it Space Bass, and it was a right laugh to make. Slightly a bit The Art Of Pattern Oct 10, 2017 Art & Creativity & Harrogate Kathryn had the day off work today — so, I took time off from web design to “do something” with my wife. We decided to visit the local art gallery, We Are Currently No.1 In’t Chart May 16, 2017 Creativity & Dub & Guerrilla Dub System & Music Guerrilla Dub System’s latest release (Pound Of Dub) is currently number one in the Beatport reggae chart. Not bad work if I say so myself. Quite 1st Harrogate Film Festival: A Local’s Response Mar 5, 2017 Creativity & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) I have had quite a fun filled weekend, what with my Dad’s birthday meal (Happy Birthday Dad) and the recording of my radio show - however, what I RetroVision Jan 31, 2017 Creativity & Procrastination & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) Me and the good lady wife, Kathryn, went to see the film T2 Trainspotting at the Everyman in Harrogate. Quite an occasion actually. It is the first Xmas 2k16 Mk. II Dec 27, 2016 Creativity & Procrastination & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) I almost feel nostalgic for writing this; why? Well, I will tell you at the bottom of the page. Today saw an above average early start for me - I Last W/E In November 2016 Nov 28, 2016 Creativity & Gigs We've Been To & Music & Procrastination Friday was a quiet night in with Mrs. B* - we just chilled in front of the telly and had a good catch up - it’s the backbone of our relationship - H. P. Lovecraft’s “At The Mountains Of Madness” by Icarus Theatre Sep 25, 2016 Creativity & Harrogate & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) & Theatre The below is what Harrogate Theatre had to say about H. P. Lovecraft’s “At The Mountains Of Madness” by Icarus Theatre . Me and the good lady wife Me & The BBC Aug 14, 2016 Creativity & Music & News I have been invited to record a session on the local BBC Station - York & North Yorkshire! Whilst I missed the live broadcast - having burned out We’re Just Back From Happygate Jul 24, 2016 Creativity & News & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) …. and had a great time. We (Kathryn & myself) called down to Valley Gardens this morning to see our good friends Stewart and Karen perform A Review Of The Unthanks In Harrogate Jul 22, 2016 Creativity & News & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) So, where does someone (me) start when reviewing a band that they do not know much about? Well, this is a review of The Unthanks in Harrogate. There Celebrating ‘Capability’ Brown & The Yorkshire Landscape Jul 19, 2016 Creativity & Environment & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) My wife and I took advantage of the hottest day of the years so far and journeyed in to town. First stop was Major Tom’s Social, where we supped, The Day We Went Bat Hunting Jun 6, 2016 Creativity & Environment & Field Recording & News After a farily uneventful weekend of sleep and slobbing, I decided to try and make one last hurrah for the weekend. The plan conspired after a A Review Of “An Eschatological Bestiary” By Oz Hardwick May 29, 2016 Creativity & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) As ever on Ijo Pona, I only review things that I like; things that have inspired me, things that have moved me and things that just plain tickle me. A Review Of “Ebola: Behind The Mask” May 19, 2016 Creativity & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) Well, how should I write this review? Should I write this review of the book “Ebola: Behind The Mask” as a work of literature? As the work of a My Gretsch Streamliner Apr 13, 2016 Creativity Left handed version of the superb G2622 model electric guitar* Premium double cutaway, semi-hollowbody electric guitar with V stop tailpiece* We Visited North Bar Harrogate Mar 20, 2016 Creativity & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) North Bar Harrogate opened it’s doors on February 19th 2016 - just where GAME used to be near the Theatre: 2D Oxford Buildings, Cheltenham Parade, Salon #1 Mar 5, 2016 Creativity & Music & News & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) Went to gig tonight - no biggy in that itself - but, if I said it was the start of monthly installments of manifesto spouting artistic brilliance Profound Sound Festival - LIME Bar Mix Feb 16, 2016 Creativity & Profound Sound I was invited, back in November, to take part in the debut Profound Sound Festival down in Folkestone. Profound Sound aims to capitalise where T-Shirt Designs Dec 19, 2015 Creativity & News Me and a close friend, Jason, run a clothing brand in Harrogate called Kalama Insa Designs. The aesthetics are street wear with a nod to minimalist Getty Images Nov 16, 2015 Creativity & News & Photography I am delighted to announce that I have been invited to contribute images and videos to the Getty Images database. Getty are one of (if not the) A Review Of “How To Change The World” Sep 9, 2015 Creativity & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) Right, I am fresh back from the Cinema (Odeon Harrogate) after seeing a premier screening of the film How To Change The World, a biographical Review: Sony QX10 For Street Photography Jun 3, 2015 Creativity & Photography & Review (Of Sorts) & Reviews (Of Sorts) The DSC-QX10 works seamlessly with your smartphone, allowing you to shoot beautiful images, edit them on your phone and then share them online. > Harrogate International Dawn Chorus Day May 22, 2015 Creativity & Field Recording International Dawn Chorus Day is the worldwide celebration of nature’s daily miracle. This year there will be more opportunities than ever to join Elm - And Other Procrastinations Jun 1, 2014 Creativity & Music & Procrastination Things here have recently taken a dip - my health - the support I have received from my wife has been awesome; thank you Kathryn. A great healer to A Review Of The Band Fold // Bedfest 2013 Jun 9, 2013 Creativity & Music & News [] Last night saw me at Bedfest in Knaresborough. It was (and hopefully will be again) a music event held at Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre in A Tiding Of Magpies Feb 5, 2013 A Tiding Of Magpies & Creativity & Music I have yet to mention on this Blog that I am in a band along with quite an acclaimed Poet. Our venture is A Tiding Of Magpies - a Dark Folk duo. We In the middle of something …. Jan 25, 2013 Creativity & Music & News “text-align: justify;”>… founding a record label to be exact. When it fleshes out I will be the first to tell you all about it. Any-hoo, what have I Got To Interview My Hero Jan 11, 2013 Creativity & News I wrote the following interview for the up and coming music video outfit, Sektion Red - they allowed me to put it on my own blog too. J-Zen is one Natural Radio Nov 16, 2012 Creativity & Field Recording & News & Procrastination The earth is alive with its own radio broadcasts. Lightning, the solar wind and solar storms create a variety of radio signals that surround us and