Covid 19

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Loading Dose Update // It’ll Be Lonely Apr 16, 2021 Covid 19 & Health I am back home safe from another breathless walk to Windsor House. See HERE for last week’s walk. It was for the completion of the Loading Dose that How I Have Taken To Brushing My Hair In Lock Down Apr 1, 2021 Covid 19 & Home & Radio I have taken to brushing my hair in Lock Down 3.0. How have I found it? Meh! Same Same. It is something I have had to get used to. Another thing On Barely Making It Back From The Shop Mar 25, 2021 Covid 19 & Health I nearly fell over today. Out of fatigue. I had my jab a few weeks ago and it is as bad as having the virus in the first place. I had the virus when Pinch And A Punch For The First Of The Month Mar 1, 2021 Covid 19 & Health First of March - get in, Spring is blooming and Anxiety is kicking in for the end of Lock Down. There seems to be a bit ‘in the air’ about easing Covid Jab Accomplished Feb 25, 2021 Covid 19 & Health Had an injection today. An important one. I had my Pfizer jab to stop serious Covid 19 infection. The destination was the Yorkshire Show Ground and