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I Am Looking Forward To Shaking Someone’s Hand Again Apr 30, 2021 Coronavirus & Health It’s a funny thing to shake someone’s hand. In the future, of course, there are no handshakes. Star Trek, Star Wars, even Spaceballs… no one shakes Rap Therapy Jan 27, 2021 Coronavirus & Health Across five episodes — produced by Mother’s Best Child and TOAD — the series covers topics including trauma, grief, body image and sleep, all Roooooooooooots! Jan 14, 2021 Coronavirus & Procrastination & Radio Oh boy, I got grumpy - I hadn’t eaten all day and had to explain to someone which app their web browser was, when the person in question was talking Well, That’s That pt I Jan 9, 2021 Coronavirus & Procrastination Well, that’s that. The end of another week. One I am quite glad to see the back of - there were high degrees of meh and not much else. It was a crap Review: Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson’s “Edda” Jan 7, 2021 Coronavirus & Music & Review (Of Sorts) As you will read in the Category Notes for the Post Category that this post is filed in, (Review (Of Sorts), that I am not qualified to give a An Experiment On Vimeo Nov 22, 2020 Coronavirus & Creativity Most people have heard of the video hosting service, Vimeo. It is a bit more like YouTube but more pretentious. A lot of videographers, artists, Lock Down 2.0 ~ This Time Its Personal Nov 13, 2020 Coronavirus & Procrastination Lock down has been in place for a few weeks now, here in England. It should have come sooner - there by removing temptation to go out for a beer. #SuperSpreaderSaturday Jul 3, 2020 Beer & Coronavirus & Family & Hackforth With Lock Down lifting, I paid a socially distanced visit to my folks near Bedale, North Yorkshire. Kathryn came and it was nice to get out of Spending Time Indoors Apr 5, 2020 Coronavirus & Dragon Parade & Harrogate & Procrastination … what do I write? I have been stuck indoors for weeks due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. I thought I had a cold a few weeks ago and took precautions - Notes From The Middle Of A Pandemic Mar 14, 2020 Coronavirus & Harrogate & Procrastination Some people are taking the Coronavirus Pandemic seriously - that is a good thing. They are trying to stop the surge in cases. Some people are just