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A Big Birthday - One with an “0” Feb 10, 2021 #365BlogChallenge & Birthday & Dragon Parade & Family Ooooh, big. I have reached the age of 40 - it is a new thing for me and I am still finding my feet in this decade, but it is shaping up to be a good Happy Birthday Kathryn! S’nice That! Jul 12, 2019 Birthday & Family & Gigs We've Been To & Kathryn & Procrastination Congratulations on another Earth Cycle, Kathryn - god knows you have had to work hard to get here. The people you grace with your presence are all Kathryn Had A Vinyl Birthday Jul 12, 2017 Birthday & Family & Kathryn So then, the love of my life, Kathryn B* had a birthday today — she has given permission for me to print her age on this blog. She is no longer