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A 10% Double IPA Mar 13, 2021 Beer & Review (Of Sorts) Spent most of the day asleep after polishing off the remaining Birthday beers. Kathryn bought me a crate from Brass Castle - I am very pleased with “To The Boozer!” Jan 30, 2021 Beer & Harrogate & Health & Procrastination Lock Down 3.0 is really starting to bite. I miss my friends and I miss my family - but the back drop to meeting these groups of people (extended #SuperSpreaderSaturday Jul 3, 2020 Beer & Coronavirus & Family & Hackforth With Lock Down lifting, I paid a socially distanced visit to my folks near Bedale, North Yorkshire. Kathryn came and it was nice to get out of Harrogate Beer Club: Chapter 1 Mar 4, 2020 Beer & Food & Drink & Harrogate Above, in the photo, you will see the cans & bottles we sipped at Harrogate Beer Club: Chapter 1. It was Kathryn’s choice as to what we do for our I Played A Gig At Tom’s Feb 16, 2020 Beer & Creativity & Friends & Harrogate Today I played a gig at Major Tom’s on The Ginnel. This was quite something as it was the first DJ Gig I have played this year - we are two months Art + Beer At The Mercer Nov 12, 2019 Art & Beer & Creativity & Food & Drink & Harrogate Well, I am fresh back from my third venture ‘out’ in four days - I am all the better for it. I attended the Women On Tap event, Art & Beer At The Kathryn’s Guiding Sorority Oct 4, 2019 Beer & Family & Kathryn & Ripon Kathryn, my wife, is a volunteer at the local Guiding Association. She leads young girls into being responsible people who will hopefully surpass I Went To Culture Hop Sep 20, 2019 Beer & Food & Drink & Harrogate & Theatre It has been quite a busy w/e so far - a session around Allan’s for Friday night and a heap of Radio Station admin on the Saturday - but here I am Vintage Fairs & Pints (Lots Of Pints) Nov 21, 2016 Beer & Food & Drink & Normal Life & Procrastination So, what happened at the weekend? Quite a bit as it happens - I did not sleep so that meant there was a lot of w/e overtime put in. I managed to