Congratulations Scooby – 100 Shows

Stewart, aka DJ Scooby, has managed to record 100 episodes of Sound Of Wonder. No small feat. Stewart picks the music and sorts the links and I am the person in charge of recording the thing. It proves quite a laugh and I am happy doing it as long as Scoob doesn’t fart in the studio with some serious bad-time egginess.

What is the secret? Well the show itself is still a bit of a secret.

Yes, there is a station in America who broadcasts the later episodes. But the success we are toasting tonight is mainly down to the internet station Easy Street who took the show up, without hesitation.



The show has a modest following on Mixcloud – but do not let that put you off from listening. Abive you will be able to hear the 100th edition of Sound Of Wonder.

There was a group of us met up in Tom’s for a celebratory drink to mark the occasion. Here is proof – All the funs were had …

Radio, Beer & Sleep (Lack Of)

Radio: I sent in a track to BBC Introducing … oooh, months ago. Last Tuesday I received an email from the BBC to inform me that my track was going to be played on BBC York. This news made me head over to my fellow producer, Allan’s, house – his missus was out and he had a few beers in. We settled in for a night in-front of the wireless.

I rocked up quite late (the show starts at eight in the evening & I did not get there until twenty past). Mrs. Backhouse elected to stay in for Strictly – a show I have never quite got – whilst me, Allan & Pip the dog made ourselves merry for the up coming radio debut of our new track.

Allan has come on-board Guerrilla Dub System and has bought an experienced ear(s) to proceedings. It has been a joy to work with him and I wish us further adventures.

With the ending of every track, we held our breath in anticipation of Jericho Keys playing our song next – this reached fever pitch when he announced his record of the week. It was not us.

We waited until just after nine thirty to hear our track on the radio – it was well worth the wait. However, Jericho has stopped mentioning that he wants us in for a session. Dunno if it just slipped his mind, but we are still keen to do a session. Well, here is the recording –

I went home. I had zero zzz’s until 2pm the next afternoon at my mum & dad’s.

I went out to the farm to visit my folks and get filled up on beef stew and apple crumble (two different courses). I was almost heart-breaking to see my dad’s dog so old.


Paddy – aged 12

As readers of this blog may know – I do not drive (cost / medicine / environment). This means I have not been out to the farm for a good six months or so – I was shocked at how quickly Paddy Dog had deteriorated. He is limping and blind – the Vet says there is nothing they can do for a dog of those years and being a collie. He is on his last chapter, I am afraid.

Beer: Friday was a wash out – I woke up after a light sleep at 2230. My friends were in the pub but I was dog tired and needed to recuperate.

Sleep (Lack Of): Sunday saw my first restful sleep in seven days – something I was grateful for. At the farm, my dad lent me some CDs that I had burned for him years ago. The Big Bill Broonzy Story.

The Big Bill Broonzy Story is what opened my ears to music from other generations – here was an old timer talking to me about things I could relate to – the pop of a hamstring as you do physical labour, being dog tired and having the Blues. I love the album, The Bill Broonzy Story. It is half interview, half acoustic song. Essentially, it is a dialogue between the Blues legend, Bill Broonzy, and the studio engineer – he asks a few questions and Bill responds with well thought out words and then plays the song that the situation inspired.


So, today, I have been sent some albums by Dense PR for inclusion on my radio show. I will be heading out to Creao to help Scooby record the sound of wonder and I will fall asleep thankful for my lot and a day well spent. I hope your day affords you the same feeling of Hygge.


DJ Scooby’s Sound Of Wonder

I have a good friend I call Scooby – his real name is Stewart, but a lot of people refer to him as Scooby-Dooby-Stu. He is a really nice bloke and the man that switched me on to good beer.

As a way of repaying the beer debt, I help him record his radio show every week. Some could say I am a producer for doing this – but – I just prefer to call it helping out a mate.

Scooby’s show is call Sound Of Wonder and is is broadcast on Easy Street Radio every Sunday at 18:30 for an hour. We have a right laugh catching up on the weeks shenanigans and sampling a few choice beers. We record the show in a local studio, Creao Studio, owned by Allan – sometimes Allan joins us for a catch up.

All in all it is a good way to get out of the flat – it is something of a commitment: this helping a friend out. However, it is worth it.

As you will be able to hear from the above embedded show (recorded last night) there is quite an eclectic mix of music on Sound Of Wonder. I absolutely love the Italo Disco that is the opening track on the above episode.

Scoob plays all sorts – ranging from goth to french pop, calypso to folk and New Wave to Bollywood horror soundtracks. It really is worth checking out.

I have to say that his presentation style is something of the Uncle Peter from The Smell Of Reeves &  Mortimer – Scoob’s voice is not the most dulcet of tones. However, he makes up for it with enthusiasm and vigour; I have never met such an authority on Bollywood Psychedelia.