The Parish News In 2019

My radio show, The Parish News, is going from strength to strength – I may be getting played on a digital network down south sometime soon, but I will try and not count my chickens before the eggs hatch.

The show always follows the same format – it is quite a regular show. As in – the format of the radio show is not experimental but the music is experimental. I wish I had the inspiration to really fly by the seat of my pants and go hell for leather with a couple of dog barks before launching in to a Scat Poem.

But, no.

Instead, I present The Parish News in a friendly style that shares with listeners the music I have been ear-looking at over the week.

The artwork for the radio is getting there too – I have a series of png files that I have collected over the years of flowers. Yunno, arty shots. Here is a brief highlight.

It really is a good laugh – if you want to find out more about the show then head over to – it is a WordPress build that I made. The Parent Theme is Divi and I have customised it to the point it is functional for a radio show. None of the shows are hosted on the site – that is all done on Mixcloud.

Currently, The Parish News is broadcast on Soundart Radio in Devon, UK. It is also broadcast on a couple of community stations in America (KBOG & K-PIP in Oregon and Missouri respectfully).

It sometimes charts. On Mixcloud that is. I think the highest it has reached is No.4 in the Noise Chart – but that was back at the beginning of 2018.

There may be a brief change tot he organised playlist as I hammer “Mr Smith In Rhodesia” every week until the year is out – it is my new shiny thing. It is a protest Text-Composition about British brutality in Zimbabwe. The piece shook me. It is a brilliant work that I have only just switched on to. Åke Hodell is the composer – I will try and write a bit about him in the coming days.

So, here is to another year of broadcast – I really am lucky in that people consent to broadcast my show – I doubt anybody listens, but it is nice to be broadcast.

Episode #17

Kathryn was out at a client’s fashion show tonight – she walks a lovely dog for a lovely lady. The lovely lady owns a fantastic shop on Cold Bath Road, Harrogate and tonight they were showing the stock of this season.

Kathryn had a whale of a time and so did I – I did not go.

Instead, I recorded Episode #17 of Roots Conversation. Roots Conversation is my Radio Show when I am playing Dub – as part of Guerrilla Dub System.

The show has been picked up by a few stations and gets played on the FM dial. If you have a staion and would like content then be sure to head over to my PRX Page where you can see about getting downloads of the show to play on your station – HERE IS THE LINK. And, here is Episode #17 –

Roots Conversation Radio Show

As a Reggae DJ/Producer, I have a radio show. My band is called Guerrilla Dub System and we have had some success in the charts. However, when I make the radio show “Roots Conversation” I am on my lonesome and my producer partner leaves me be.

Roots Conversation is Guerrilla Dub System’s radio show. On the shows, I play music that has helped shape and inspire our success in the charts – everything from Ska & Rock-Steady to Digital Dub & Ragga. Presented as a DJ mix with a soundboard and synthesised speech, the show lasts for exactly one hour.

Roots Conversation is available to play on your network – if you have a gap in your programming schedule. If you are keen on listening to the back-catalogue of shows and checking out how to get Roots Conversation on your station then head over to this link HERE.

I have reached Episode #10 in the series and it is proving to be a lot of fun – I normally recorded the shows in either Creao Studio or at my place, using headphones. The response has been varied but the show has a collection of dedicated listeners. Here is Episode #10 for your ears:


Congratulations Scooby – 100 Shows

Stewart, aka DJ Scooby, has managed to record 100 episodes of Sound Of Wonder. No small feat. Stewart picks the music and sorts the links and I am the person in charge of recording the thing. It proves quite a laugh and I am happy doing it as long as Scoob doesn’t fart in the studio with some serious bad-time egginess.

What is the secret? Well the show itself is still a bit of a secret.

Yes, there is a station in America who broadcasts the later episodes. But the success we are toasting tonight is mainly down to the internet station Easy Street who took the show up, without hesitation.



The show has a modest following on Mixcloud – but do not let that put you off from listening. Abive you will be able to hear the 100th edition of Sound Of Wonder.

There was a group of us met up in Tom’s for a celebratory drink to mark the occasion. Here is proof – All the funs were had …

The Parish News Enters 2018

My radio show, The Parish News, was recorded for this week, last night, in Creao Studios, Harrogate. I am up to show number seventy-three – The show is still proving to be a bit of a challenge. But, a rewarding challenge.

I have learned a lot from the production of The Parish News – as well as the production of Sound Of Wonder, my friend Stewart’s show. It has led to me studying audio mastering.

The Parish News also exposes me to a whole range of new and exciting music. I am in cahoots with a PR firm in Berlin who send me out some music every now and then and I am tipped off by a range of people I know and respect to buy new music.

The spoken links on the show are still dreadful – but it is a good excuse to leave the flat and not be such a recluse.

My Dad has started to listen to the show, of which I am massively proud. I appreciate he probably hates the music I play but it is always nice to speak to him about the show and receive feedback. He is not the only listener to the show though – I often chart in the top twenty on Mixcloud for the genre of music that I play on my show; noise, avant-garde, experimental & experimental ambient music alongside Field Recordings and Sound Art.

To try and show the stations that I do take my show seriously, I built a website for The Parish News at It is a simple, one-page build that allows for smooth-scrolling between sections. My good friend, Jem, has offered to do the copywriting for the blurb on the show’s site – so, I will update that when I get around to it. Jem works a copywriter at Weasel Words and I really recommend her for all of you copywriting. Plus, she is ace!

The Parish News really started as a vehicle for the music that I put out on my record label – this, in turn, allowed me to interact with a whole range of artists and other labels so that now Soundart Radio in Devon broadcast my show; which is a massive honour. I am also broadcast on some internet only stations to compliment this.

Whilst the music is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, I get great satisfaction that some people really dig my show and that someone, somewhere gets it.

Delightful Day

What have I been up to? Sweet F.A. and I’m still in last night’s pyjamas. It has been great.

Sleep proved a fickle mistress last night – I ended up listening to England’s campaign in The Ashes down in Australia. Valient efforts all round – but the tail got hoovered up by Australia’s pace. It was not the best listening – but a good partnership the previous day saw us right and the match is only slightly in Australia’s favour – I do not think we will not win the series but we will hopefully fight tooth and claw all the way to the end – we better do anyway. Let’s hope we won’t get whitewashed.

Thankfully Boycott was at a minimum and I could listen to TMS on my phone without feeling embarrassed about Yorkshire.

I put my time to good use and jiggled about the blog: new domain/old domain/re-acquired the domain and a different look for the blog. I figure that there are an awful lot of sites that are more corporate builds than, well, just simple blogs – sites that celebrate the eccentric and the mundane. So I tried to strip back the functionality of so that the site’s emphasis is on the written word. There is not much to distract the visitor from what I have written. There is a menu in the footer and a few Widgets – but it is all very stripped back and minimal. Here is a screen-shot of a snippet of the main page on Ijo Pona:

I have also had a bit of good fortune in the Wireless recently. I will never be ‘up there’ with my famous namesake, but it always a good laugh. I have decided to take Roots Conversation that bit more seriously.

I do not know if you remember my radio show’Roots Conversation’, I blogged about it a while ago – well, I took all of the older posts for the show down off PRX and posted up a new Episode #1 for Roots Conversation by Guerrilla Dub System. The show is still up for syndication – so if you have a Network and are in need of a Roots Reggae show please get in contact with me or go to our PRX page HERE.

I have embedded the show up on Mixcoud and, at the time of writing it has charted in the Dub Chart on Mixcloud and is also currently No.15 in the Ska Charts. Here is the show, thanks for listening:

Something Brewing

Well, one of the projects I have been working on has come to fruition – other than that, well, I am afraid I am going to have to keep a lid on it. Let’s just say: fun.

Other than that, not much has been done this last weekend. I did not sleep a great deal (three hours over the whole weekend) and feeling sorry for myself the rest of the time. As everything is swings and round-abouts, I put in a good 12 hour doze on Sunday evening and have yet to head back to sleep. Ho hum.

However, I have had a chance to do the weekly podcast I get up to most weekends.

I record The Parish News every Sunday or Monday evening and then master it in the same evening – it is a good laugh and I have got to the point where people send me their music to play.

Here is this week’s edition:


Much of a muchness, really. All of the tracks are new to me – they were sent by artists or PR firms to my box in the past week. Do you want the track listing?



Splitter Orchester & Felix Kubin / Shine On You Crazy Diagram / 04 – B2 Felix Kubin – Lichtsplitter / 11:48
Jos Smolders / Nowhere: Exercises in Modular Synthesis and Field Recording / NowHere / 7:49
Oto Hiax / s/t / Insh / 2:30
Elisabeth Smalt / Subvoice / 4_Music for Viola / 11:53
Marcus Fjellström / Skelektikon / Boy With Wound / 5:08
Nakama / Most Intimate / Most Initmate / 4:31
Muddersten / Karpatklokke / Høstfloks / 6:18
Kleefstra / Bakker / Kleefstra / Dize / Moannegat / 14:08
Chistian Bouchard / Broken Ground / Ideal Strength / 4:57
Angelina Yershova / Resonance Night / Sweet Glissando / 6:39
London’s all-Australian chamber orchestra Ruthless Jabiru / Textile / -06- Sandhi Prakash / 9:45
Andreas Usenbenz / Bells Breath / 3 Study II / 7:00
Myra Davies / Sirens / Armand Monroe / 5:51
Olivia Louvel / Data Regina / Elizabeth Song / 4:26
Harry Sumner / Earth (Listening) / Black Bird Social Club (Cumbria) / 2:04
Sun Ra / Second Star To The Right: Salute To Walt Disney / Second Star To The Right / 9:56

Thanks for listening!

Sound Art Radio

I have a radio show called The Parish News that gets broadcast every Wednesday at 11pm on the station called Sound Art Radio. The show lasts two hours and is a lot of fun to do. When I tuned in to my show tonight (only the second time I have done so) I was shocked at the quality of my presenting – I was really terrible!

I had been listening back to each show after recording on my monitor earphones – not my bass-heavy hifi. Hearing the broadcast go out on my hifi was a real eye (ear) opener.

I need to slow my speech down and not mumble.

The speech part was a mumble – what a mumble – that was completely un-intelligible in parts. The music was excellent though.

However, it is a bit of an earlier show – the Fourteenth Edition of The Parish News – and I was nervous as Hell. I did not have a microphone set-up at the time, however, ASAV have stepped in and Allan Smyth (of the Audio Visual) has helped me by pointing me in the direction of Dynamic Mics as opposed to Condenser Mics.

See, I live in a very noisy environment – the traffic streams past my antiquated windows and there is much tooting and revving. The Dynamic Microphone allows the excess outside noise to not be picked up. With a Condenser Mic I had to heavily edit the show so that the traffic remained at a distance.

Tonight I uploaded the Twenty Second Edition of The Parish News to Mixcloud – the ‘Future of Radio’ is how the site describes itself; now I have listened back to my show, I know I am not. Well, here is the latest edition –


As you can hear from the recording, it still needs a lot of work doing to the presentation of the tracks – but, it is better than the Fourteenth Edition of The Parish News. If you want to hear a catalogue of disaster, please head over to my radio show’s page at Focused Silence (my record label).