Good Luck Karen!

My good friend Karen has a new job – she is leaving the public¬†sector to move to the private sector and we had a bit of a get-together for her….

Doing Something For Stew

Not the food – Stew as in Stewart. Scooby – yunno, Scoob! My hetero-sexual life companion, Stewart has asked me to design a couple of posters for his various shenanigans….

Hallowe’en 2016

That’s the weekend that was … The 31st of October is tomorrow, but people got drunk and dressed up last night, on the Saturday. Friday saw me argueing with my…

DJ Scooby @ Major Tom’s

Popped out for a cheeky libation (sports beer) and to help my good friend, Stewart, set up his equipment for the afternoon. What was the occasion – we were celebrating…

Raising Money For MSF

I am a lucky man. I have great mates. One of whom is Andy Dennis. Andy is a nurse with MSF. Those of the readers who follow my meanderings across…