Radio, Beer & Sleep (Lack Of)

Radio: I sent in a track to BBC Introducing … oooh, months ago. Last Tuesday I received an email from the BBC to inform me that my track was going to be played on BBC York. This news made me head over to my fellow producer, Allan’s, house – his missus was out and he had a few beers in. We settled in for a night in-front of the wireless.

I rocked up quite late (the show starts at eight in the evening & I did not get there until twenty past). Mrs. Backhouse elected to stay in for Strictly – a show I have never quite got – whilst me, Allan & Pip the dog made ourselves merry for the up coming radio debut of our new track.

Allan has come on-board Guerrilla Dub System and has bought an experienced ear(s) to proceedings. It has been a joy to work with him and I wish us further adventures.

With the ending of every track, we held our breath in anticipation of Jericho Keys playing our song next – this reached fever pitch when he announced his record of the week. It was not us.

We waited until just after nine thirty to hear our track on the radio – it was well worth the wait. However, Jericho has stopped mentioning that he wants us in for a session. Dunno if it just slipped his mind, but we are still keen to do a session. Well, here is the recording –

I went home. I had zero zzz’s until 2pm the next afternoon at my mum & dad’s.

I went out to the farm to visit my folks and get filled up on beef stew and apple crumble (two different courses). I was almost heart-breaking to see my dad’s dog so old.


Paddy – aged 12

As readers of this blog may know – I do not drive (cost / medicine / environment). This means I have not been out to the farm for a good six months or so – I was shocked at how quickly Paddy Dog had deteriorated. He is limping and blind – the Vet says there is nothing they can do for a dog of those years and being a collie. He is on his last chapter, I am afraid.

Beer: Friday was a wash out – I woke up after a light sleep at 2230. My friends were in the pub but I was dog tired and needed to recuperate.

Sleep (Lack Of): Sunday saw my first restful sleep in seven days – something I was grateful for. At the farm, my dad lent me some CDs that I had burned for him years ago. The Big Bill Broonzy Story.

The Big Bill Broonzy Story is what opened my ears to music from other generations – here was an old timer talking to me about things I could relate to – the pop of a hamstring as you do physical labour, being dog tired and having the Blues. I love the album, The Bill Broonzy Story. It is half interview, half acoustic song. Essentially, it is a dialogue between the Blues legend, Bill Broonzy, and the studio engineer – he asks a few questions and Bill responds with well thought out words and then plays the song that the situation inspired.


So, today, I have been sent some albums by Dense PR for inclusion on my radio show. I will be heading out to Creao to help Scooby record the sound of wonder and I will fall asleep thankful for my lot and a day well spent. I hope your day affords you the same feeling of Hygge.


Retro Dub On The Beeb

As readers of this blog may be aware – I had a short spell as a resident DJ in a club called RETRO on Commercial Street in Harrogate. I DJ’d alongside a good mate called Jason.

The night was not a huge success – I had people threaten me if I did not play “some f**king happy hardcore” or if I did not play some Rihanna (I once got asked to play some Irish Music – so I went for Mungo’s Hifi). The threat of violence was worth the sense of comradery I got by working with Jason & Amy at Retro – they were the reason I turned up week after week to play my tunes.

So, when I started to produce my own music I wanted to commemorate that chapter in my life – now that it had closed – so I wrote Retro Dub. It got played on BBC York & North Yorkshire tonight and I am chuffed to bits with that. Here it is –

I guess, onward and upwards now.

Me & The BBC

I have been invited to record a session on the local BBC Station – York & North Yorkshire!

Whilst I missed the live broadcast – having burned out after a hard week at work – I was asleep by 7pm on a Saturday. However, Jericho Keys played my track Dub Horns on his show BBC Introducing – York & North Yorkshire. At the end of playing the track he invited me in to record a session!

Whilst it would be fun to go in and reconstruct making the track in realtime – it would not make good radio. I have emailed Jericho and the BBC to see what they make to me coming in and nattering away in my high pitched voice – I will post their reply below in the comments section. I have started a new Tag – called Me & The BBC –  for this shenanigan – so keep clicking on it for updates.

I really only started to make reggae and dub for a laugh. I have a track record as an avant garde and experimental musician and I set myself the challenge of making a record that is not Noise – I seem to have done a good job!

Well, here is a recording of the radio. I am unaware of the law surrounding taping your own track off the wireless – sue me.

‘Heart Of The System’ On The Beeb

In a scene similar to the 1960’s motion picture, Spartacus, the second reggae track I have ever made got air on the BBC.

BBC York & North Yorkshire to be exact – as presented by Jericho Keys. For the full show, please head over to this link to listen to the broadcast from the 28th May 2016. There seemed to be a bit of confusion as to who Andy Backhouse is – rest assured, I am Legion. There are many of us.

I do not know if it is okay for me to do this – I am unsure as to the legislation about taping your own stuff off the radio, but, if I have erred then I will take it down.

So, here is the track – “Heart Of The System.” As said, this is only the second ever reggae track I have had a go at producing – the first was also aired on the same show – they seem to like what I have been up to …… If you want a copy of the track, it is available as a free download when you sign up to the mailing list for the outfit I have put together to make such music – just visit and follow the links for FREE TRACK.

Dub Horns Gets A Second Airing On The BBC

It is with no small amount of joy that I can tell you that DUB HORNS got a second airing on the BBC.

BBC Introducing (York & North Yorkshire), hosted by Jericho Keys, played this on the evening of the 14th May 2016 – I, however, was in the pub seeing off two heroes who are cycling San Fransisco to New York to raise money for MSF. You can read about that HERE.

I have uploaded another track to BBC Introducing to see if they will play it – here is hoping!

However, it is not bad – the first ever reggae track I have had a go at producing has had two plays on the BBC. It really has turned my DJing from a hobby into a passion – I am now thirsty for more work and I am making inquiries for gigs around the North. My radio show is going from strength to strength as it is now broadcast on both sides of the Atlantic.

If you want to keep up to date with Dub shenanigans then head over to Bless!

A Project Of Mine – On The BBC

I am sat here in the early hours of a Sunday morning with a cold one (Wife-Beater – 5%) having had a frustrating hour.

See, my track was played on BBC Introducing York and I have spent the past hour trying to rip it off iPlayer on to something a bit more permanent – Thankfully, SoundFlower came to my rescue.

Ha! Yes, you did read that correctly – my track, as Guerrilla Dub System, got airtime on the BBC!

I am the main person (most of the time I am the only person) behind Guerrilla Dub System – I call it Guerrilla Dub System because to start out with there were two of us – Andi & myself. This was so that we could pop out for a fag (cigarette – one for the Trans-Atlantic Cousins) and the other And(i/y) could cover.

This really did not work out as Andi now lives 7 hours drive away and I have been solo for years – just with the name of a collective – lets face it, with my tonnes-of-fun physique there is enough of me to be a collective.

I had been messing about with an old copy of Logic 7 for a few years, making Ambient tracks and not really getting anywhere – to me it was just about making a noise – a short-cut if you would for maximum artistic expression with minimum know-how (and it sounded terrible). However, I invested in a copy of Logic Pro X and the result is DUB HORNS – I got my chops together and thought about producing a dub reggae track.

Below is my first attempt at producing a dub reggae track (ever) and it got played on the BBC! Jericho Keys from the Introducing Show on BBC York sounded like he thought it was okay – I reckon I may carry on with having a go at producing this sort of music – I have been told by people (my Mum) that it is quite an achievement (Dad didn’t like it).

So, should I carry on with what I am doing? Yes! Yes, I should – I am over the moon that my first ever reggae track is out there on the BBC Website. If you want to find out more about myself, as Guerrilla Dub System, then please click on the link here to to to Guerrilla Dub System’s site.