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Insomnia & Tentative First Steps Towards An MA

I have not really been getting much sleep of late – but I am getting a lot of things accomplished. Lack of sleep = more time to do stuff.

One of these things is that I am making tentative Steps towards applying for my MA Photography. The chosen college is Harrogate. I have, so far, passed the interview, but I need to submit my proposal – this is top secret – I will post it up once it has been submitted …

Went for a look around the faculty on Thursday night and i was absolutely mind blowing, the stuff they are doing there. I have a back up plan if the MA does not get the go ahead at Harrogate – I have also applied at Leeds College of Art. Preferably I would do the MA at Harrogate – but – we will see.

I was given my lucky break, and encouraged, by Jason Mawer. He believed in me enough to ask me to bring my camera down to ElectroJam @ Zoso every Tuesday. On the back of that I set up a Facebook Page for my photos and my hobby turned into something that I rely on to get me out the house – Cheers, Jason and good luck in what you are doing now. I probably would not be where I am now if it had not been for Jason and the group of friends I made at ElectroJam. Thank you ….. x