We are all heart-broken in the run up to Christmas. We were told on Saturday that our beloved pup, Polly, was not strong enough to make it through an operation she underwent.

Polly arrived at Home Farm on June 1st 2018 and left on 15th December 2018. A brief stay but one that will be with us, her hoomans, for the rest of our time. Polly chewed everything and that, ultimately, was her undoing. She ate a doormat and the string from the doormat knotted her insides. She was off her food and needed to see a vet. She was not strong enough to pull through.

I’m gutted.

Polly – asleep

Jess, the nineteen year old Cat hated Polly – they would always be fighting. Why, with Polly looking for new ways to upset the slumber of geriatric Jess, Jess has outlived two hoomans, two dogs and a goldfish. We had to take her to the vet for a check up and, under sedation, she vomited a mouse – the nurses at the practice were astounded she was still catching mice at her age.

I doubt Jess the cat will miss Polly. But I do miss Polly.

Saying Things I Shouldn’t Say

There are rays of sunshine – I have my methods of dealing with the dark winters – I have a few Whatsapp Chats that are Party Vibes and I have the Worlds Best Wife.™ This post is about a little rise to triumph. A rise to triumph over ill health and to celebrate today.

I went to Home Farm (where my Parentals live) to do Fun. There is a woodland overlooking the farm and I had an activity pack packed – including Parabola Mic and Camera. The Parabola Mic was a right laugh – here are some recordings of length and shortness:





The “Dark Walk Woodland Floor In Late February” embed is the one I am most pleased with – It took a bit of editing to get the underlying traffic noise out, plus rattles from a distant gas gun – but that is how I wanted the recording. I have broached the subject of Field Recordists possibly being classist with their editing of the countryside – taking out all mechanisation – but I wanted to portray this woodland as such like the above – it is a tranquil place that needed a bit of polishing for presentation in the twee manner I have done so.

As mentioned I had my camera – here are some awesome* shots of brickwork.







*Maybe/Maybe not (delete as appropriate).

Mother’s Day 2017

It has been a hell of a busy w/e.

On Friday, our debut Dub EP was released on major stores as a download. There are a few teething problems with the Beatport version but I have been assured by State51 Conspiracy that things are going to run smoothly from now on and it should be up there in a bit. I had a lot of fun making the EP and we are well underway for the second, follow up EP.

Saturday was spent walking. I trundled all over town and down to the PO depot – the reason was that I had just been sent a TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 Soundcard. It is a beast of a thing and tiny but quite cute. It is the same size as a metric beef patty. Look at this –

Saturday night was spent in great company trying out the Soundcard and a newly built TRAKTOR F1 MIDI Map. It is based on DJ Endo’s MIDI Monster F1 mapping and has proved a lot of fun. Whilst I had not used the four decks available due to the mapping – it felt like I was strapped on to a rocket riding roughly.

Sunday was Mother’s Day – Kathryn was out walking a Westie/Maltese Cross Terrier so I woke and got fueled on espresso before catching the bus to Ripon to head to Home Farm.

Mum was a bit under the weather due to a very nasty cold and Dad was preparing to go to the rugby. When it was just Mum and me (after Dad went to Leeds – they won) we just sat and enjoyed each other’s company. Something we never really did when I lived at home. It was nice just to sit there and have a natter with the woman who carried me for nine months and still carries me to an extent (misplaced metaphor?).

I managed to bring my camera and hoped to get some images of Mum – however, she refused to have her photo taken. So, I set about trying to see the different textures on the brickwork and stonework on the farmhouse and surrounding buildings. There is a great variety of stuff to see in the microcosm of a lens – here is the album, embedded on my Flickr page:

[rev_slider alias=”mothers-day-2017″]

I also had Kathryn’s LCA in attendance – I will try and post the results from that up here in a few days time when I get the images back.

Whilst at the farm I managed to see Jess, my sister’s black cat. Jess is a bit of an enigma – I never know when she is going to be at home but it is always a pleasure to see her. She is a Speaking Cat – when you say “Hello Jess” she will respond with a ‘Meow’ – quite how this came about, other than a loving Mum in my sister, is lost in the depths of antiquity – Jess is around fifteen or sixteen years old and doing great for her age: in fact – she is the cat that made me warm to Cats. She is a lot of fun and it is a pleasure to share her years with her. Here are two photos of her –


When I arrived back in Harrogate (with a floor lamp I was given on the farm) I found a wife covered head to toe in flour and egg. Kathryn had been making Courgette & Lime Muffins and they taste delicious – she hot-footed it to her folks to spend some time with her mum and Dad (I figure she may need a break from me) and I set about doing my show – below you can listen to the show – it is a lot of fun to do.

Down On The Farm

After a considerable sleep (18 hrs!) I was dancing around the kitchen to Kate Bush. Now then, I do not make a habit of either – the sleep or the Kate Bush – however, today was one of luxury. I went for a snooze at 1430 Saturday afternoon and slept until 0830 Sunday. I think this bought on the Kate Bush.

Whilst gyrating away, my Father called demanding our (Me + Kathryn) presence at Sunday Dinner. After packing an activity bag, we were driven out to Home Farm, Newby Hall. Mum was cooking roast Pork with all the veg – followed up by Apple Crumble and real (dairy) ice-cream. It was a slap up meal and the company was fantastic too – once they had got over my facial-hair salute to Salvador Dali.

After helping with the dishes, I whisked my better half and my parents dog away for (what was planned as) a short walk. We Walked from Dark-Walk Woods to DeGrey’s Wood seeing hares and had geese circling overhead to land in the nearby water way. I then dragged the dog, Paddy, and Kathryn down a gravel strewn path towards the river Ure – ensuring that the dog, Paddy, was on the lead at all times to abide by the country code.

There were lambs gambolling in the distant fields by the time we had reached the River Ure (one of Yorkshires BIG rivers*). Paddy, although he doesn’t chase sheep, has yet to have the snip – at the slightest whiff of Bitch (female Dog) he heads off like a seventeen year old given tickets to an all inclusive holiday in Kavos.

We got slightly lost, as in the fencing got washed away and replaced again since I was shepherding there, but we found our way through the obstacle course and started heading back home.

On the way home, we passed the Stable Block (part of Newby Hall – rented as High Spec Offices) which is where the rare breed sheep hang out. Apparently, one of the Soay Sheep has had Triplets – a very rare occassion. Normally they only produce one offspring per season, and that is about the size of a pint of milk!

Also, the St. Kilda and Hebridean have produced an awful lot of very cute lambs. It always reminds me of the time I helped my Dad in Norfolk. When we lived at West Bilney, the lambing sheds were on Magpie farm – it was my job to look after (bottle feed) the orphans. Some good friendships were forged with those sheep – I wonder what they are up to now?