Episode #17

Kathryn was out at a client’s fashion show tonight – she walks a lovely dog for a lovely lady. The lovely lady owns a fantastic shop on Cold Bath Road, Harrogate and tonight they were showing the stock of this season.

Kathryn had a whale of a time and so did I – I did not go.

Instead, I recorded Episode #17 of Roots Conversation. Roots Conversation is my Radio Show when I am playing Dub – as part of Guerrilla Dub System.

The show has been picked up by a few stations and gets played on the FM dial. If you have a staion and would like content then be sure to head over to my PRX Page where you can see about getting downloads of the show to play on your station – HERE IS THE LINK. And, here is Episode #17 –

May Day Dub Mix


My May Day Bank Holiday Dub Mix. I had fun making it – it is a good blend of tracks. Actually, it is almost the exact same mix of tracks as my latest radio show as Guerrilla Dub System. However, I fluffed the links in a few if the segments and was not too happy with the over all quality of the recording.

However, this DJ mix is mint!


New Chart Success

Me and Allan, as Guerrilla Dub System, have a new release out – called “Dubucation”. I was a bit worried about how it would be received. Our last big hit “Alligator” was quite fast tempo and a bit of a banger – it was on the Space Bass EP.

Dubucation is a smoker’s record – really chilled out and – if you ask me – not what people go on to Beatport to buy. However, it entered the Beatport Charts at No.3. Something I am very proud about.

To top off a great sleep – I have been out of action since 6pm last night and it is now 5am – we were broadcast on BBC Introducing York & North Yorkshire. It is great the amount of support we receive from Jericho Keys, the host from the show – he claimed our cover was his favourite – something not to be sniffed at.

Roots Conversation Radio Show

As a Reggae DJ/Producer, I have a radio show. My band is called Guerrilla Dub System and we have had some success in the charts. However, when I make the radio show “Roots Conversation” I am on my lonesome and my producer partner leaves me be.

Roots Conversation is Guerrilla Dub System’s radio show. On the shows, I play music that has helped shape and inspire our success in the charts – everything from Ska & Rock-Steady to Digital Dub & Ragga. Presented as a DJ mix with a soundboard and synthesised speech, the show lasts for exactly one hour.

Roots Conversation is available to play on your network – if you have a gap in your programming schedule. If you are keen on listening to the back-catalogue of shows and checking out how to get Roots Conversation on your station then head over to this link HERE.

I have reached Episode #10 in the series and it is proving to be a lot of fun – I normally recorded the shows in either Creao Studio or at my place, using headphones. The response has been varied but the show has a collection of dedicated listeners. Here is Episode #10 for your ears:


Our Fifth EP Is Ready

Mine and Allan’s fifth EP is ready for the stores.

We have put the finishing touches to “Dubucation” and we are quite happy with it. I have made a quick mashup of the EP, so that we give a taste of what it is like whilst with-holding the bread-rolls from the dining table of Dub. Here is the mashup –

The artwork is done by Andrew Backhouse Design and we are chuffed with it – there were numerous revisitations on the design. With a changing of the EPs title and this called for a change of cover. Here is the cover –

Delightful Day

What have I been up to? Sweet F.A. and I’m still in last night’s pyjamas. It has been great.

Sleep proved a fickle mistress last night – I ended up listening to England’s campaign in The Ashes down in Australia. Valient efforts all round – but the tail got hoovered up by Australia’s pace. It was not the best listening – but a good partnership the previous day saw us right and the match is only slightly in Australia’s favour – I do not think we will not win the series but we will hopefully fight tooth and claw all the way to the end – we better do anyway. Let’s hope we won’t get whitewashed.

Thankfully Boycott was at a minimum and I could listen to TMS on my phone without feeling embarrassed about Yorkshire.

I put my time to good use and jiggled about the blog: new domain/old domain/re-acquired the domain and a different look for the blog. I figure that there are an awful lot of sites that are more corporate builds than, well, just simple blogs – sites that celebrate the eccentric and the mundane. So I tried to strip back the functionality of www.ijopona.org so that the site’s emphasis is on the written word. There is not much to distract the visitor from what I have written. There is a menu in the footer and a few Widgets – but it is all very stripped back and minimal. Here is a screen-shot of a snippet of the main page on Ijo Pona:

I have also had a bit of good fortune in the Wireless recently. I will never be ‘up there’ with my famous namesake, but it always a good laugh. I have decided to take Roots Conversation that bit more seriously.

I do not know if you remember my radio show’Roots Conversation’, I blogged about it a while ago – well, I took all of the older posts for the show down off PRX and posted up a new Episode #1 for Roots Conversation by Guerrilla Dub System. The show is still up for syndication – so if you have a Network and are in need of a Roots Reggae show please get in contact with me or go to our PRX page HERE.

I have embedded the show up on Mixcoud and, at the time of writing it has charted in the Dub Chart on Mixcloud and is also currently No.15 in the Ska Charts. Here is the show, thanks for listening:

We Remixed A Single

Allan & me, as Guerrilla Dub System, remixed a track for the Italian Dub outfit, The Sarres. We were contacted by email back in … ooooh, March? Most of the work was done by Allan, admittedly – but it is good to get it out there into the public.

I am unsure if it is charting, but Sergio from The Sarres was over the moon with what we had done.

I had a crack at designing the artwork – the only thing I have changed my mind about is the font – it is a bit spindly and not all there – if I had my chance to do it again I would change the font for this release. The artwork is below …

The release is out on Beatport, iTunes and Spotify – I recommend that you get it from Beatport (so that we can see it in the charts!) but if you are after the best deal it is cheapest on the label’s shop at http://creao.greedbag.com – the label who released the single is mine and Allan’s label, CREAO Studio – well, it is Allan’s label just I do some of the donkey work and help out then and now. Here is the release on Spotify …