Data Bending Image Pack 1

The term¬†databending¬†is derived from the process of¬†circuit bending, in which musical objects such as children’s toys,¬†effects pedals¬†and electronic keyboards are deliberately¬†short circuited¬†by bending the¬†circuit board¬†to produce erratic and spontaneous sounds. Like circuit bending,¬†databending involves the (often unpredictable) alteration of its target’s behavior. Databending achieves this alteration by manipulating the information within a media file of a certain format, using software designed to edit files of a different format; distortions in the medium typically occur as a result.

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Many techniques exist, including the use of¬†hex editors¬†to manipulate certain components of a¬†compression algorithm, to comparatively simple methods. One such method involves the addition of audio effects through¬†audio editing software¬†to distort¬†raw data¬†interpretations of image files. Some effects were observed by Masuma Ahuja and Denise Lu of¬†The Washington Post¬†to produce optical analogues: adding an¬†echo¬†filter duplicated elements of a photo, and inversion contributed to the flipping over of an image. The similarities result from the waveforms corresponding with the layers of pixels in a¬†linear fashion, ordered from top to bottom.¬†Another method, dubbed “the WordPad effect”, uses the programs¬†Paint¬†and¬†WordPad¬†to manipulate images through converting the raw data to the¬†Rich Text Format.

I have made for sale the following images – Naturally, they will be available as digital goods only. This is in-keeping with a ‘Digital Punk’ mind set. The ten images that you receive in the pack are viewable in the column on the right. You will need a digital photo frame to make best use of the images.

The download comprises of ten images and the images are 500 pixels per inch.