H’Py Birthday Dad

My Dad has a birthday today – he has reached the grand age of sixty four. I went over to the farm to see Mum & Dad and they seemed in good form. I bought Dad a copy of the Dartmoor Edition of the Tolkien Maps – similar to the Yorkshire Dales version I treated myself to the other month. He seems to like it.

Dad has great memories of Dartmoor – he worked there during his time at college and really enjoyed his time whilst over there. There is mention of the place he worked on the map.



When I came home to the flat, Kathryn was there having given it a bit of a Spring Clean – I am a pig most of the time and I don’t really pull my weight around the house. She is amazingly kind to me and I love her to bits. Her parents did quite a cool job packing so much Awesome in to such a small package.

When I go home I set up the MixPre 6 with a JrF Contact mic. I slid the mic between the snow and my metal fire escape and recorded the sound below – it goes on for a while but you can hear the “Crackle” of the melting snow and the plinky plonk goodness of the water droplets condensing and forming drops, dropping down and hitting the Stainless Steel fire escape. I am amazed that the JrF Contact Mic managed to pick up the Blackbird. Maybe the whole fire escape acted as some sort of parabola?


End Of The Week Rub-Down

End of the week rub-down and interesting Cartography. It is Friday and the sunlight is beaming through the window of my Computorium. I am still in my pyjamas and Kathryn has is out walking Doggos.

There is a crisp, winters day occurring outside and I may go for a photo-walk later.

Things here at Ijo Pona HQ are good/middling – I can’t complain: the week got off to a horrific start with my health. I had been suffering from a particularly nasty strain of man-flu and this had softened my sleep pattern, which in turn affected other, serious health complaints. However, I have managed to wake up every morning at eight for the past few days and I have returned to falling asleep around 11 pm. Luxury.

The radio show I recorded last Sunday morning at 3 am is doing well. It has charted at No11 in the Mixcloud Noise Chats and on the Experimental Charts it is currently 59th – which is amazing in my books. Thanks to Sound-Man Al for letting me use his space, Creao, to record the show. Here it is:

This afternoon, the post came – no biggy there, but it is what was in the post that amazed me. A few nights ago I read a thread about Middle Earth Maps. According to the site, it is a one-man outfit –

A man with a plan to convert real world maps into Tolkien-esque artworks

A couple of nights ago, I purchased a copy of the Tolkien style map for The Yorkshire Dales – which are about 20 miles away from me as I write. The Yorkshire Dales is the latest addition to the back-catalogue of Middle Earth Maps and the map arrived today.

It really lives up to expectation. It is amazing and summons all kinds of memories when I would be watching The Lord Of The Rings when my health was recovering – a good time in a bad situation. I think I will hang this work of art in my Computorium. I love it.


Here is a video a mate sent me –