Weekend 26/52 – 2018

It has been weekend 26/52 in 2018 – what did I get up to? What did those I love get up to? We are experiencing a heatwave in England at this time (very hot) and the World Cup is on – if it was not for the inhumane way people are treated then I would say “what a time to be alive.” But, Trump & May.



Friday night was spent in good company – I had the pleasure of recording Stewart up at Creao and Karen joined us. It was a good show but dogged by nagging tech issues. The show is live and has been broadcast on UK media but is in the pipeline for America. It gets broadcast on K-BOG in Oregon, one of the stations I am on. Here is the show –



A bit of good beer was drunk – ASDA has started to stock ‘Brooklyn Mix’ take-out boxes. These are selections of beers by Brooklyn Brewery. There are some really good beers in there and it is good value for money.

Saturday saw me back at Creao Studio to record The Parish News and it is a good show, for me. I have seemed to have stopped the ‘ummmming’ and ‘aaaaaahhhing’ normally associated with my show. I hung out with Dom and it was a good way to spend an afternoon – Dom has just invested in a van and plans on sleeping in it whilst seeing Scotland – sounds the idyll but he better watch out for midges. Here is the show –



Mrs Backhouse had some retail therapy when I was doing the show and got some clothes for the heatwave. Plus a handbag – always changing handbags …

Sunday was a bit of a scrabble as I had run out of my medicine that morning – thankfully the pharmacist at ASDA came to the rescue and wrote me a script for a week. Need to chase that up at some point.

We saw the sun go down from North Bar’s beer garden – taking in the Magic Rock Take-Over. There were some good beers on and it motivated me to check out an app called Untappd. Untappd is a social network for beer nerds and a few of my friends are on it – we share recommendations in cyberspace without the fuss of having to organise a meet-up, we can get on with our independent lives and still enjoy each other’s recommendations. I doubt I will log in every beer I drink on the app – that would be like watching paint dry (much like this blog) but it is a good way of keeping tabs on developments on beer trends.

Today mum and dad got Polly.


Weekend Round-Up-About 8pm

This weekend has been after a week of quite stressful work and it was good to get out and play. I have been asked to design the web store of a great shop in Town and I have been laying the groundwork for that: wireframes and colour schemes. It is a lot of fun but not something to be taken lightly.

Well, I got the contract – I went to show the proprietor of the shop the wireframe and she was delighted with it. Seems it’ll keep me busy for the foreseeable future.

The only downside to the weekend was eating a Five Guys – great. But, massive potions – it kind of turned in to a Man vs Food thing and by the end of it it had stopped being fun and I was only finishing it to make a statement.

However, I then met up with Scooby & Karen – we went to Harrogate Tap and had a few pints (Scooby paid). It was great to hang out with them. It is nice to be accepted for who I am rather than have to put on airs and graces when I am in public. We scootered off because they wanted to catch Eurovision.

I ended up in Creao Studio, after tea, to record The Parish News. It is not a strong show. I was not in the most lucid of states and I lost the thread of what I was saying most of the time and ended up repeating myself until I struck gold. Here is the show –

I was becoming more and more confused and needed a lie down.

Sunday was good though. I woke and checked my email to find that my May Day Dub Mix had charted at No.81 in the Dub Chart on Mixcloud – not something to be dismissed lightly. Then it was a jaunt down to Major Tom’s to see Big Band Sunday. Here are some photos from the afternoon.

Radio, Beer & Sleep (Lack Of)

Radio: I sent in a track to BBC Introducing … oooh, months ago. Last Tuesday I received an email from the BBC to inform me that my track was going to be played on BBC York. This news made me head over to my fellow producer, Allan’s, house – his missus was out and he had a few beers in. We settled in for a night in-front of the wireless.

I rocked up quite late (the show starts at eight in the evening & I did not get there until twenty past). Mrs. Backhouse elected to stay in for Strictly – a show I have never quite got – whilst me, Allan & Pip the dog made ourselves merry for the up coming radio debut of our new track.

Allan has come on-board Guerrilla Dub System and has bought an experienced ear(s) to proceedings. It has been a joy to work with him and I wish us further adventures.

With the ending of every track, we held our breath in anticipation of Jericho Keys playing our song next – this reached fever pitch when he announced his record of the week. It was not us.

We waited until just after nine thirty to hear our track on the radio – it was well worth the wait. However, Jericho has stopped mentioning that he wants us in for a session. Dunno if it just slipped his mind, but we are still keen to do a session. Well, here is the recording –

I went home. I had zero zzz’s until 2pm the next afternoon at my mum & dad’s.

I went out to the farm to visit my folks and get filled up on beef stew and apple crumble (two different courses). I was almost heart-breaking to see my dad’s dog so old.


Paddy – aged 12

As readers of this blog may know – I do not drive (cost / medicine / environment). This means I have not been out to the farm for a good six months or so – I was shocked at how quickly Paddy Dog had deteriorated. He is limping and blind – the Vet says there is nothing they can do for a dog of those years and being a collie. He is on his last chapter, I am afraid.

Beer: Friday was a wash out – I woke up after a light sleep at 2230. My friends were in the pub but I was dog tired and needed to recuperate.

Sleep (Lack Of): Sunday saw my first restful sleep in seven days – something I was grateful for. At the farm, my dad lent me some CDs that I had burned for him years ago. The Big Bill Broonzy Story.

The Big Bill Broonzy Story is what opened my ears to music from other generations – here was an old timer talking to me about things I could relate to – the pop of a hamstring as you do physical labour, being dog tired and having the Blues. I love the album, The Bill Broonzy Story. It is half interview, half acoustic song. Essentially, it is a dialogue between the Blues legend, Bill Broonzy, and the studio engineer – he asks a few questions and Bill responds with well thought out words and then plays the song that the situation inspired.


So, today, I have been sent some albums by Dense PR for inclusion on my radio show. I will be heading out to Creao to help Scooby record the sound of wonder and I will fall asleep thankful for my lot and a day well spent. I hope your day affords you the same feeling of Hygge.


Vintage Fairs & Pints (Lots Of Pints)

So, what happened at the weekend? Quite a bit as it happens – I did not sleep so that meant there was a lot of w/e overtime put in.

I managed to re-haul my web design site www.treebark.design and I am quite please with how it looks. I have gone for a set-up that makes it easier to read and therefore slightly better optimised for search engines. It still has HTTPS (an SSL Certificate) so this means it will help with the rankings too. All in all I hope to have improved the set up and the flow of the site. Please, use this link to see what I have done.

Saturday was spent listening to music – something I find great joy in doing. I have quite a good setup (I inherited from a loved one) and a comfortable chair upon which to perch to listen to the music. See, I am on the mailing list of a PR firm based in Berlin – so I get a whole heap of avant-garde music to listen to and play on my radio show, The Parish News.

Saturday was a good day.

Sunday saw us in a bit of a panic – Kathryn had won four tickets to an (excellent) vintage fair in York. We only found out about it around 1am on Sunday morning! We contacted a few friends to see who was up for coming to York with us to take advantage of the free tickets and the voucher. Andy & Helen F were the first to reply in the affirmative so we met them at Harrogate Station and caught the soon to arrive train to York.

I managed to lose my bearings crossing the platform to the York Station’s exit – thankfully Helen was on hand to get us to Fossgate and The Merchant Adventurers Hall, the venue of the great vintage fair that we were destined for.

The vintage fair was called York Does Vintage – as run by the firm, Britain Does Vintage. They have a web site and I will post their banner below. But first I would like to witter on a bit about them – if you don’t mind.

Now then, I have never really been much of a fan of vintage clothing – I see it as a posh charity shop without the moral backbone. The clothes normally smell of piss and are always too small to fit my Tons-Of-Fun physique.

However, there was a class and elegance to the products on sale at York Does Vintage – the stall holders were all very friendly, polite and courteous. They went out of their way to try and help you.

Kathryn ended up spending a fortune on two jackets (Summer / Winter) and I bought a French Work Jacket for the token price of £15 – Bargain. Andy and Helen bought a few thing and we settled down for cake – a wedge of coffee and walnut cake with a strong brew to refresh us.

Then we hot footed it across town, via the Cornish Pasty Shop (Steak & Stilton for me, Cheese & Mushroom for Kathryn – Vegetarian for Andy & Helen). We called in to the York Tap on at the station to await on our train and sipped a libation – I can’t quite remember what I had to drink as I was running on vapours and was getting a bit confused.

We caught the train home and then met Scooby in Major Toms for a power pint and left as the quiz was starting. Scoob and me popped in to The Little Ale House on the way home: first impressions are that they do a good pint and the bar staff are friendly – we will call again when we have more time and I will write a full appraisal up here on Ijo Pona.