The Forgotten Grimoire

A Tiding of Magpies is a collaborative exploration in sound by Oz Hardwick and Andrew Backhouse. Based on the border between Yorkshire and the Otherworld, we mine the rich interface between Nature, Folklore and Technology in order to craft visionary music that awakens the sleeper within.

One’s for sorrow, but two is a different story,
chattering welcomes to the unexpected, high
on branch and gable, blood turning to wine
beneath tale-telling tongues. A brace of witchbirds
flying to the sun, peeling layers from onions
deep in ragged pockets: I defy thee, I defy thee,
but don’t try me. Dress your best and come aboard,
I’ll raise my hat, spit three times, and together
we’ll ride to steal silver from the gallows.

— Oz Hardwick

A Tiding Of Magpies have been crafting this album for a number of years – drawing on many influences along the way. They had a success at the start of 2013 with their track, Coleman Grey, being included on Hail Be You Sovereigns … as part of the Cold Spring Dark Folk series. For more on A Tiding Of Magpies, please see their site at

This album is available to purchase here.

A Tiding Of Magpies

I have yet to mention on this Blog that I am in a band along with quite an acclaimed Poet. Our venture is A Tiding Of Magpies – a Dark Folk duo. We have our first official release on the the latest COLDSPRING CD – Hail You Be Soverigns …

As you can / can’t see from the album inlay, it is a compilation of the ‘cream of the British Dark Folk scene.’ How we got on it I do not know.

The track in question is called ‘Coleman Grey.’ It is based on a story collected in Robert Hunt’s “The Drolls, Traditions and Superstitions of Old Cornwall, 3rd Edition (1881).” On the track, I make all of the noise and Prof. Oz Hardwick is the voice that you will hear.