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It has been a fun week with lots of adventure. Plenty of extra-curricular circumstance and shindiggery. Fun with a capital Fu was had.

Well, it really started happening on Thursday.

Major Tom’s, on The Ginnel, was working with Harrogate Community Radio - the station held a vote about what film should be shown on their Halloween screening. I was in charge of the tech and it seemed to have worked. What won? Beetlejuice and The Thing.

See, there were two screenings; the first screening was a bit tamer and not so scary - one I could handle. Then they ramped up the gore and played a shocking film, The Thing. The event was all organised by a good friend, Stewart / Scooby T. He did himself proud.

I was shocked by the severity of the second screening, The Thing, that I turned my back to it and had to power drink my way through the screams and roars. I don’t do scary films. I sank around nine pints in the hour and a half the film was showing and it ended badly.

DJ Scooby

Friday… well there was a Jungle night on in town. I wish I had made it over but I had plans for the Saturday. The Jungle night was done by three mates who have a show on the station. I hear only good things about it.

So, Saturday rolled around. We had plans for this evening for ages - we were off to the theatre.

But, it wasn’t the theatre; the actual theatre building is having a face lift so the performance we had tickets for was St Wilfrid’s Church Hall, up on Duchy Road. Quick taxi there and we were at the back of it waiting to watch an adaptation of Kafka’s The Trial.

I could just try and describe it as Pop-referencing-dada-esque-performance over an improvised jazz score. But that would not do it justice; it was great entertainment. The question the performance ask of the audience was, Would you rather fck a horse and have no one know about you fcking a horse or, to not fck a horse and have everyone think that you had actually fcked a horse?

The question of the ages.

We then pegged it to Major Tom’s For the photo above - except the photo was taken by K.T.

We were attending DJ Scooby’s Metal Night and the funds raised for it go towards the station and MSF, a cause we all raise money for. Met some people I had been meaning to catch up with, Theo, and had a good time listening to bad music. I much prefer my metal with 808 Drum Machines and modular Synthesisers.

Another thing that happened on Saturday / Sunday, as we were finishing our cups, White Lightning debuted on the radio. This is the newest of my shows. Show #4 is in the bag but only the first has been broadcast. Here is the show that was broadcast last night…

It is in the top 100 on Mixcloud for the Indie Charts. Not bad for a first mix. Better things will comes of it, I hope. I am talking with the best bar in town, Major Tom’s about getting a slot with it there. Can but try.

Sunday, Sunday was a pyjama day in Mowbray house for both me and Kathryn. I am taking things a lot easier on myself.

I seemed to have developed a toxic work ethic and it was starting to impact on the way I would treat people I worked with, leading to cause for concern from clients. It seems I can work and have time off work.

What is in the next work week? Work. Socially? Well, Kathryn is off to a one day festival next weekend. It is the last time it will be booked in to Leeds, with plans to move to Manchester next year. I went once and it was bloody scary. The festival is called Damnation and the organisers are starting to treat it as a business so moving venues / towns.

Kathryn will be sad, but there will be The Temple Of Boom to get metal shows.

What is that, I’ve been typing too long…?

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