Last Weekend of May 22


As the song by Arab Strap goes, That was the first big weekend of the summer”. I am writing this blog on my iPad, perched in the kitchen when I should be sleeping. I woke up far too late this afternoon to get any rest tonight.

I think the past few days have qualified as the first big weekend of the summer? If not, the Queen’s Jubilee next weekend will be (a four day weekend!).

What happens in the first weekend of June will have to wait - we had a Jazz gig to attend on Thursday night.

It was The Joint, an evening put on by the best music venue in town, Major Tom’s. The band was great; very tight and playing a mixture of covers and originals. I recognised a few covers….

Photo of the jazz band.

The drums were given the freedom to experiment, the saxophonist was out there. There was great work on the double bass (an actual double bass!) and the keys were served up on a Nord Electric Piano. The star of the show, for me, was Tom Sharpe - the trumpet player; he had good chops.

Our great fried Karen had some bad news in that her favourite band (one she has followed regardless, since her mid teens) had issues. Depeche Mode had lost a member at only the age of 60 and it was completely out of the blue. It is a good job Kathryn, Stewart + Karen were all trying to talk me out of buying a solid gold trumpet on eBay because it would have been terrible if she was on her own when she received the news - I was happy to provide a distraction.

Friday day - meh, sleep all day and cancelled meetings. But, life’s a journey! I am working on a few projects right now all of which are awesome. I am really coming in to my own as a designer and I am enjoying all the more because of that.

Friday night was a difficult one…

We went to see Dylan Moran in the theatre. I am a knuckle dragger at the best of times. Sprinkle this with a touch of 90s nostalgia and I am Dylan Moran’s prime audience. We had front row tickets!

The first half was hilarious, if even the Harrogate audience who turned up were more passive than ever before. There was not a connection between the crowd and comedian - people turned up and said Entertain me’ to a man who had started to unravel by the end of the show.

The first half armed me with enough one liners to claim as my own until he next comes to town. But the second half got a bit personal. Was this Moran’s therapy? Was it our therapy? We were in Bedlam poking the inmates with sticks, again.

Got home and made this:

Did not wake up until 2pm Saturday - rescued Stewart from a record shop and went to the studio.

P&C Music is a gem - it is a bachelor pad out of which people collect records in exchange for cash. It is packed floor to ceiling with vinyl and CDs. It is a great shop, one I could spend a fortune in if I had the space in my flat to move the vinyl to…

So, me and Stew went to the studio to practice our sets for next weekend. I am a bit nervous to tell you the truth; we are DJ’ing for 6 hours, see. We were met at the studio by Allan who made us feel welcome; there is a new coffee machine in the studio, see - we are looking for a responsibly sourced pod shop to get refills from.

What does Sunday hold? Glasses. I collect my glasses. I am specky four eyes.

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