The Last Weekend Of July 22


Saturday - sleep not happening and watching rude films in the small hours. Shape Of Water where a woman has intercourse with The Swamp Thing before jumping in to the sea. Great film - subtlety not lost about a Mute immigrant in a movie from Trump’s America, hard.

Slept a bit and woke up for flyering action. Met up with Scooby with Kat and did a circuit of the town as Carnival snaked through Harrogate. Gave away a load of flyers; will hopefully have more listeners. Drizzle, Gay Weddings, Queuing and Belly Dancers - DJ Trev was the host in Valley gardens and we saw Karen shimmy at lunch.

Bumped into Anna L* and she told me she was moving to Sweden; I wish her the best of luck with it. She is a lovely person and an awesome artist. Forgot my camera and made a mental note of escape routes in case Charley caught us off guard. Pottered home in the dank, inclement, not-to-happen weather.

Passed Tom’s stopped off for piping dough balls and a swift pint - exhausted. Back twisting and feet sore from swelling. Made it home to fall asleep in front of my computer. Kathryn slept in bed and we were running late; for the theatre.

Improv salmon kedgeree quaffed and a shower had, pegged it to the Theatre for 122 Love Stories; Kathryn’s birthday present from me for this year. Great show; stairs, low ceilings, big people. The theatre was being sold and a crack group of thespians were needed to save the day. An immersive, community play penned by Rachael Halliwell.

I can’t do the production justice so summed up my video review at the event with Bloody good play”. Felt awkward, sipped beer and avoided eye contact for the rest of the evening.

Jack S* and Claire A* were in the troupe; awesome performances, awesome cast - saw parts of the theatre I would normally pay to see anyway but this time it involved a play - felt lucky to have it on our doorstep.

Nice to see mention of Alice, the Theatre ghost. Sid James saw her (I believe - According to Alice in Sunderland) - she was an actress who threw herself off the top balcony and smells of peppermint - an awkward situation when your wife chains mints and we love going to the theatre. Several sightings have been made of her - I remain empathetic yet sceptical.

Great; the play used other people’s love stories to write a love letter to the theatre - the true cultural hub of the town.

Came home and read a five-star review on a business I have - a new addition - very happy, reviews, theatre, stilt walkers and cameras.

I have my eye on an Insta360 - the best 360º camera on the market - mini-globe mayhem could ensue but they are so damn expensive.

Cultural weekend - tomorrow I am having a day off and will probably not get dressed. I am in my pyjamas for the next 36 hours and I am unabashed about it. Schedule a rejig come Monday when I will get active again - new week, new start.

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