First Big Weekend Of The Summer 2019


Summing up on a Monday evening — it was quite a great w/e. The first big weekend of the summer 2019. All the good things happened and then Monday spat in its face. So, I am taking time out of my Monday to remind me of the good things that happened on the weekend.

Friday was a bit of a rush — I had to hot-foot it down to Bilton WMC for a good friend’s Birthday party. She was probably the fist person I had a conversation with when I first came to Harrogate and she is a bit of a treasure. I am now good friends with her partner, Allan & he had asked me to play a DJ set before the band came on. No problem. So, I thought. I came with 45 minutes worth of music because that is the length of time I had been asked to play.

The DJ scheduled for the slot after me must have had to rush off due to a family emergency or something — he disappeared. I just hope that everything is okay with him and his family. However, it did kind of drop me in it. I had a few dub albums on the system I had with me (Traktor) — but I was having to repeat tracks. Still, people seemed to enjoy what I was playing and there was a bit of dancing. My forty five minute set was stretched to two and a half hours — but, I loved every minute of it.

Then the band came on. Drop Leg Steppers. They were awesome. They really were good and everyone enjoyed their set.

I hope the birthday girl enjoyed herself — I know me and Kathryn did.

Saturday saw me not wanting to get up — but — I had to, I was a man with something to do and that something to do was to run a workshop as Stinky. I have a Risograph printer in Allan’s studio — I call the venture Stinky’s Riso Press. I make prints for artists and I run workshops — it is a really fun thing to do.

I ran a workshop on Saturday with a man called Stuart — he took to it like a duck to water and made two incredible prints — here are the photos from it. Here are some highlights of the day -

Print Workshop Harrogate

Print Workshop Harrogate

Print Workshop Harrogate

Sunday. Me and Kathryn were picked up by Dad to head out to the farm. We used this as a launchpad to go and visit their new house. My parents are moving house further North. It will be a fresh start for them as it is the first time they have bought a house for themselves — they are quite excited yet I think they are a bit nervous too.

I had my camera with me at their new house but the CF Card broke on Sunday night, making the photos irretrievable, or so I thought. I was quite annoyed with that as there were some good shot of the house. However, thanks to the lads at Bass & Bligh I managed to retrieve the photos from the CF Card. Here are some of the highlights of the day — there are a mixture of Home Farm & Hackforth. The rest of the images are HERE.

North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire

When we got back to the farm it really was a glorious evening — I managed to get a few phone photos. I put my phone photos on www.hiandyb.co.uk — not the worlds best website, but a website I am running from my phone. Not the biggest of weekends — but then, not the youngest of knees. I figure my nights spent drinking cheap cider and then waking up in a skip are long gone. However, Kathryn and me were surrounded by loved ones. We had a good time. A great time. Summer 2019 is shaping up rosey.

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