Check On Your Conspiracy Loving Friend


Check On Your Conspiracy Loving Friend

Please, go and check on your conspiracy loving friend - I guarantee that they are not okay right now.

For the sake of History, we are currently trapped in the middle of a Pandemic. Covid-19 is spreading like wildfire and we are approaching flu season in the middle of the second wave. Brexit will hit hard and there are actual wild fires all over the world. The Police are turning in to a paramilitary wing of the Government and the military have been threatened to be deployed to help with the national curfew.

As if this is not bad enough, there are some people who are burying their head in the sand and saying that Covid-19 is a made up way of controlling the population. Yes, admittedly there are advanced measures to monitor where you have been but it is in the interests of public health to know where you have been.

Yes, some people are calling this a Plan-demic - as in, their supply of mind numbing drugs are dwindling due to lock down and now their synapsis are firing again they are putting 2 and 2 equals Crystal Skull Of Atlantis.

I appreciate that some folk like to talk nonsense - we live in a democracy. It is democratic to allow people the right to talk nonsense. But, where is the line drawn? I am unsure where a man who thinks he sees energy ends, and the man who thinks Mossad invented Gluten begins.

Do we help these people back in to society?

Do we scrap the Care In The Community Act and section people who think that the Aliens of State 51 are humans?

Do we hand out tin foil hats with twenty bags?

Either way, there will always be someone’s older brother who lives at home with you mates parents, smokes too much weed and thinks that Pyramids were put there by Aliens. Just, now, they have access to the internet.

And, what i further worrying, these conspiracy sites are are now political. You have heard that there is a large swathe of America who think that ANTIFA helped Hitler gain power in Germany?

The classic Conspiracy arguement is Follow The Money’ and Question Everything’ - the second statement is fine and dandy until you question their tin foil conspiritard theories. Then they get cross and say just to follow the money - which is normally a self serving YouTuber with a GoFundMe Page tapping in to an audience, feeding their fears and telling them the things they want to hear so that the audience part with their cash and sponsor the YouTube Channel / Presenter.

I do want to say wake up Sheeple” to them - but they will just say that my indoctrination is complete.

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