Birthday Schmerfday


Had a birthday recently - it was ace!

Stayed up until after mid-night the night before to cuddle Kathryn. Then it was a bit of a lie in until 10am and I was chasing up my present. A while ago I organised the delivery of an old valve, bakelite radio to this address. The plan, under Kathryn’s guidance, was to convert it into something workable for today.

The plan was to allow the use of either a guitar or an iPod to play through it. This was achieved by going to Regent Electronics and having a chat with John Noe Sr. He is a pleasure to work with - a real calming influence.

He sorted out the valve radio and it works like a charm - I went to pick it up at around 4pm on my Birthday and have not stopped listening to it since. Ol’ time Ska sounds fantastic on it - as does all musics from the valve radio days. Here is a photo of it -

My birthday present from Kathryn.

My birthday present from Kathryn.[/caption]

It can get quite loud (good thing) and there is a bass / treble knob. All in all I am over the moon with it - it is my favorite sound system.

Then, to continue the birthday celebrations, me and Kathryn headed out to a new restaurant call Street Food which is near the theatre, on the back road. I had prior experience of the restaurant as I pigged out there just the night before - but this was a new one for Kathryn.

In Street Food, there is a wide range of authentic world foods and dishes inspired by world cuisines (Wagyu Beef-Burger, anyone?). I plumped for the Brit Burger (Blue Cheese dressing, fries) but Kathryn won with here choice of the Stars & Stripes Burger - It was massive (bacon, cheese, fries etc.).

We then headed to a watering hole to quench our beer-thirst. Major Tom’s was the point of call and we met up with a few mates …. who gradually swelled in numbers until it was almost like a party. Scooby bought me a CD of High-Life Music (I hope to review that CD later in my blog) and the drink flowed. I had a rally good time and I hope that every one who ventured out on the evening had a good time too.

I had received a lot of cards throughout the day and I am very grateful for them. This included from new friends, good friends and old friends as well as relatives - it really was a shock! It really was a good day - the sun was out for some of it and I am happy I made it this far … I am now half way to being really old.

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