Zdenek Vlach’s large body of work is very distinctive and his use of strong primary colours and sharp lines dominate his often stunning interpretations of what are, in many cases, fairly ordinary films.

Born 21st March 1942 in Prague, Zdenek died on 13th July 1999, unfortunately just a couple of weeks prior to the opening of the Edgar Allan Poe International Festival that he contributed so much to with 6 brilliant pieces, especially commissioned for the 3 month long event.

He was principally a graphic artist and illustrator but was also an accomplished set designer and art director. Zdenek who studied at the School of Arts in Prague exhibited both independently and collectively from the 1960′s until his untimely death in the summer of 1999.

During a twenty year period between 1970 and 1989, Zdenek created over two hundred film posters and among these were two award winning pieces for the movies ‘Agony’ for which he won the Gold Medal in 1982 from the International Film Festival in Chicago as well as in 1977 an award from the USA magazine The Hollywood Reporter for ‘The Men’s Summer’.



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