A few days ago, on the Saturday, I ran a workshop. This was quite big for me – but, it was made easy by the people I was running it for. I ran a workshop as Stinky from Stinky’s Riso Press. And, it was the first time I stood in front of a group of people, with any authority, for around twenty years – it was a humbling experience.

However, the couple I was teaching, Scooby & Karen, were gold.

Well, who is Stinky & what does he do? Stinky is what my sister calls me. I had a bad run of hygiene on a flight from Bangkok and the nickname has stuck since then.

What is a Riso Press? Well, I have bought a Riso Printer. A Riso Printer is a bit like a mechanical screen printer. It is a lot of fun with some pretty out-there results. It is an adventure I am glad I am taking. I hope to run workshops and set up as a commercial printer. There is ample scope for having Funs within Harrogate for this.

Other than that, things have been ticking over nicely. Thought I would ‘write home’ and document the wholesomeness of life on Dragon Parade.

Until next time …

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