Not getting in to the gender specific, nitty gritty. However, if you want to credit someone with heroic strength you say they are ‘all man’. However, I always thought it was Vaginas that took a pounding ..?

Well, if you “call yourself a man …” I recommend that you check out a book co-authored by Andy Dennis and Anna Simon*

I have tried the hard sell with my review of it here – but – I doubt I added much to the total sales of the product. But, if you want a humanitarian account of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone then I really recommend that you check it out. I said all I want in my review for the book, so why am I writing this? Well, because Anna Simon is over in the UK from the Netherlands and they are talking about marketing it.

Whilst I do not know much about marketing – I do have a personal blog and I will shout from the roof top that all the profits from this book go towards MSF. To obtain your own copy (I would lend you mine but I do not think I will get it back) please visit this link to read more about Ebola: Behind The Mask.

*one book, four first names: bargain.

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