Available to stream and as a free download as of now.

This will not be the most accurate, hipster friendly review for, probably, the most accurate, hipster friendly piece of music you will hear until Festival season next year. I admit it – I know nowt about the genre of Dreampop other than the shows I tuned into on Harrogate Alternative Radio that were presented by Luke Lount, the musical / production force behind POLO.

I received an application for the role of DJ to the stations inbox (snigger) from Luke and he managed to convey what he wanted to achieve in his show.

The oeuvre of Dreampop was something that I was unfamiliar with – obviously, I had The XX on rotation at the time, but I had not heard much of Jamie XX’s solo work – something Luke introduced to me.

What sounds as the start of a Jungle baseline leads into Kat’s toxically sultry vocals – this is the music Portishead would have made if they were just starting out now. Yes, I am comparing this free single to the birth of the Bristol Sound.

Part smokers delight / part early Tricky with a massive dose of cool.

Meanwhile, here is something ace they did too …

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