At first, I thought about writing this post on my Artist site but then I would just fan-boy all over the writer. See, I had a write up in a periodical that kind of shaped me more than any other periodical – The Wire magazine is to avant-garde music is what both Kerrang and NME is to Indie music.

It stands head and shoulders above the rest of its peers as a pointer towards good, un-orthodox and out there music. And I got a write up about “A Sonic Map Of Dornoch“, my latest release.

A Sonic Map Of Dornoch was released on Focused Silence back on the day before I turned 37. Sales have been slow and some of the online reviews missed the point. But, people know that The Wire magazine know their onions and this is what Spenser Tomson said about “A Sound Map Of Dornoch” …

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