As I wrote on my work blog –, I am trying a new app called Grammarly – It claims to be a “do-all” spell checker. But, most importantly, it also helps with Grammar – and as readers of my blog may know, my grammar is atrocious. It is a free tool that I have installed in my browsers (I use Firefox and Chrome) that tells you as you type where you went wrong. There is a version of the app that you can install in your browser and a version of the app that you can download for your OS. So far – so good.

I figure I would try the app by writing this post and deliberately putting in a few errors – so far so good. My biggest concern was that it would only update the text into American English – it is after all and US based app having a headquarters in San Francisco, California.

However, there is an option on the Profile page to set your default spelling and grammar to British English – it seems quite a good app and I am very impressed with it so far. The best thing about it is that it is free!

If you want to check out the free app, Grammarly, then please head over to

It could stop a costly error.


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