Went to a gig tonight – in K-town. I was invited there by my good friend, David, on Facebook. Readers may recollect Sonic Salon #1? Well, this was A Sonic Festivity. And … it was awesome!

But first a re-cap. The Sonic Salons are run by cAVE and cAVE celebrates:

  • Ears of Distinction
  • Noise in all its forms
  • The talented and not so talented
  • Triers
  • The Curious
  • The Playful
  • Leftfielders
  • Absurdists
  • Inside Outers
  • Upside Downers
  • Inventors
  • Tinkerers
  • The Quiet
  • Observationists
  • Idlers
  • Non Electronic Folksters
  • And those who were chosen last on the footy team

They promised to run a calendar of events on the first Saturday of every month, but real life got in the way of that ambition and it was not to be. Te last event was Salon #1 on March 6 2016 – quite a gap.

I promised myself I would try and attend as many as possible. Seems 100% success rate so far. Kathryn promised Scooby to go to his Metal Sans Frontieres (glam metal night fundraising for MSF) but she was delayed with an acute migraine.

I rocked up at Project ORB nearly in time to miss the first act, Astrid Walker. She was an acoustic act who seemed to hold the audience in the palm of her hand from what I saw. I missed out on quite something by the looks of things. However, her endearing charm seemed to have tamed the audience. My major grumble about Salon #1 was that the majority of the audience (then) spoke all over the music – if you want to talk it makes sense to head to the pub – you don’t ruin the gig for people there, who have come for the music! Astrid seemed to have done wonders & it could prove prudent for all Sonic Salons to open with an acoustic act – it set the pace of the night and there was a sense of communal hygge.

Then there was a short break where Mike Atkinson played an eclectic yet well chosen set of tunes. It was all in good taste as the tension built for cAVE.

Having played the last of his mini-set, DJ Mike Atkinson stepped out on the front of the stage and introduced the band I had been waiting nine months to see: cAVE.

They were all wearing masks of foliage that reminded me of the Wilder Mann series of photographs by Charles Fréger. cAVE’s set was mesmeric: they were not as flustered as last time and really appreciated the educated audience. I would liken their performance to a mim-tech set for people who do not go to nightclubs. There was a fluidity and grace as the men of cAVE ventured out tonight.

Then, after a short break, it was Grinny Grandad. I knew a two of the trio from a short time in college. Mo & Chris. I did not know what to expect from them – although I was pleasantly surprised. The technical mastery of their respective musical instruments and the powerful, gutsy delivery from a diminutive front vox made it quite special. Here is their EP:

It was really great to catch up with my old band mates, Mark & David, and make new friends tonight. Successful trip out.

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