In this Blog article, I will give my first impressions of the Ambiancé Trailer.

In the Kevin Smith film Dogma, there is an online forum called PoopShoot. On PoopShoot the movie going public mouths off about films they have seen. So, this Blog entry will temporarily turn into The film I am going to write about here is only a trailer; but, a 7 hour 20 minute trailer for what will be the worlds longest film. I believe, this trailer is cinema in it’s truest form. Regular readers of my blog may remember I reviewed the 72 minute teaser – back in 2014 – but due to a Blog roll-back that post was lost.

A M B I A N C É will be released in 2020 and will be a 720 hour (30 day) film – a world record – as it’s director, Anders Weberg, bids farewell to the moving image as an artistic medium. After more than 300 films he puts to an end to his cinema with the premiere of what will be the longest film ever made. Ambiancé will be shown in its full length on a single occasion syncronised in all the continents of the world and then destroyed. So it will be the longest film made that doesn’t exist.

Anders Weberg (b.1968) is an Swedish artist working with video, photography, sound, new media and installations and is primarily concerned with identity. Specializing in digital technologies, he aims to mix genres and ways of expression to explore the potential of audio visual media. He coined the term Peer-to-peer art or (p2p art) in 2006. Art made for – and only available on – the peer to peer networks. The original artwork is first shared by the artist until one other user has downloaded it. After that the artwork will be available for as long as other users share it. The original file and all the material used to create it are deleted by the artist. ”There’s no original”. Eight  films with a duration between 45 minutes and 12 hours where uploaded on the file sharing networks in one copy and their original was deleted.

Ambiancé – First short TRAILER – 7 Hours 20 Minutes in one take – by Anders Weberg. from Anders Weberg on Vimeo.

The first question posed by the Ambiancé Trailer, a 7 hour 20 minute segment of the film, is how to approach it. I rarely have time to eat sitting down – let alone make time to watch a 7:20:00 trailer – but, I suppose that is it. Anders Weberg appreciates that good things come to those who do things slowly. If something is worth doing it is worth taking a long time to do – this is something the man gets. Unfortunately, most people, myself included, cannot sit down to watch the Ambiancé Trailer in one sitting – me, because of my attention span and other due to life constraints.

As if we have segmented our lives so much that we hardly have time to do what we really want to do. Maybe I am missing the point of the worlds longest film – but my interpretation is that it is a rallying cry against the compartmentalisation of our lives and the steady process of creating Battery-Humans. Even in this 7 hour 20 minute trailer you get to feel the slow ebb of time as the shadows on the walls lengthen, you have to eventually switch on the lights and – inevitably – you will pop out the room to make your self a cup of tea or some such.

The trailer tells you everything that you need to know about itself, you do not need me to wax lyrical about the merits of this film.

– Art is something that happens between you ears and cannot be taught by someone other than yourself.

  • Andi Elliott

However, this is my, temporary, version of – so I will tell you my experience of the Ambiancé Trailer. Whilst my wife, Kathryn, was out at a meeting, I took time out of my evening to dip my toes into the Ambiancé Trailer. What did I get from it? Inspiration. Inspiration, pure and simple.

It is not a very accessible film – I believe that Anders Weberg shot this film on his phone – practically everyone I know has a smart phone; you do not need a FX laden Hollywood studio at your disposal to have a go at making a film – I hope I will give film-making go as soon as I have the chance (see compartmentalising our lives, above). But why would I try and make a film? For the joy of creating – as is evident in the above trailer.

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